Alive After 5 Closes Canton Street Thursday Night

The city will close part of Canton Street for the monthly event in Roswell's historic district, beginning Thursday, July 19.

For the first time in its seven year run, the increasingly popular Alive After 5 will shut down a portion of Canton Street for the event.

Organizers have decided to close the road from Magnolia Street to Norcross Street, allowing attendees to wander the historic district's busiest area, free from vehicle traffic.

It's a move that many have called for since the event's inception and . But fears over a drop in attendance due to a lack of accessibility proved enough to hold off on closing the street. However, with the increase in the event's popularity and more visitors requesting the closure, the Historic Roswell Merchants' Association agreed to work with the city on giving a partial closure a trial run during the July event.

"We will want your feedback after the July event to let us know if the street closing made the event better for our guests or if it caused more problems than helped," stated a recent post on the event's Facebook page.

Still, some have said it's not enough and want event organizers to broaden the scope of the closure.

"Need to close Canton [Street] all the way up to Woodstock [Road]," . "This past week the cars were parked and going nowhere. All the pedestrians were crowded to the small sidewalk and breathing exhaust fumes. I will go again when there are no cars."

The city has said that Norcross Street will remain open and Roswell Police will be on hand to help detour vehicles.

As for special entertainment during Thursday's event, The Turn band will be performing at Plum Tree Village, which will also feature an inflatable jumpy house, ice cream and pizza for the little ones. And the Harm's Way will be performing at the Heart of Roswell Park, in between Canton, Magnolia and Alpharetta streets.

Park at and take the trolley to one of several stops along Canton Street. Or access parking at the parking lot from the Mimosa Street Extension at on Magnolia Street.

janet h russell July 19, 2012 at 06:09 PM
I have suggested to the Merchant's Assoc for 3 years to close Canton St from traffic light to traffic light. I don't think that this is the answer. It will be like corraling a group into a small area with alcohol. But its' better than nothing - at least I am told that often in Roswell for many things.
Ron July 20, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Why not create an inviting, accessible, well lit pedestrian path linking to the often underutilized parking at City Hall to supplement the trolley?


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