Andrew Wordes Laid to Rest in Milton Fields

Roswell's "Chicken Man" remembered in tears and laughter at Friday morning memorial service.

Andrew Wordes was laid to rest this morning, March 30, with family and friends sharing memories before sending him back to the earth

The words of Psalm 23 had visible reminders in the setting, particularly "God causes me to lie down in lush pastures."

Approximatley 100 people gathered in the lush pasture of Milton Fields for the service. Jim Bell, owner of the eco-friendly burial grounds Milton Fields on Birmingham Road, donated a plot to the Wordes family for his burial.

A lover of animals and friend to many, he was known as "Chicken Man" for his battle with Roswell over keeping them at his home.

lee Turner March 31, 2012 at 04:52 PM
Michael Reissig - you bring up a very interesting point - Mr. Wordes was there BEFORE Hog Man moved in ( I assume you have the facts). Hog Man - whoever he is, and I STILL say he probably works for the city - is just one of many intruders who move into an area and start demanding that the area change things to the way HE thinks they ought to be. Which is why you see these snowbirds moving to Jasper and Blue Ridge which is a beautiful rural area - and then they start demanding that the roads be paved, and complaining about the bleating of animals and roosters crowing. Hog Man needs to go back wherever he came down from - - - assuming that he can sell his devalued house and still have enough money to go, of course !!!! LOL!
lee Turner April 01, 2012 at 01:20 PM
Here's an excellent story by Glenn Horowitz of AMERICAN DAILY HERALD which clearly lays out the timeline of the Andrew Wordes tragedy. And, yes - it also mentions the city's Comprehensive Plan which showed Mr. Wordes' property as part of it. (I've gotta check that plan out myself and see if Ms. Mays' and Hog Man's properties are part of it. They may be the city's next victims (after a suitable period of time, of course, so the sheeple will forget about the current outrage). And, yes, he WAS harassed by the police department. He WAS railroaded by the bureaucrats. http://www.americandailyherald.com/pundits/glenn-horowitz/item/in-memoriam-andrew-wordes-enemy-of-the-state Lee Fleck, did Mr. Wordes have any relatives who might move forward with a law suit against the city?
Lee Fleck April 03, 2012 at 12:13 AM
“Which is more blameworthy, those who will see and steadily pursue their own interest or those who cannot see or seeing will not act wisely ?” - George Washington Mr. Turner I agree, if anyone who wishes to know "the rest of the story" that they view your link above.
Lee Fleck April 04, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Excellent article on the events of that day: http://roswell-neighbor.com/stories/Sheriff-Wordes-incident-could-have-been-avoided,182965
Tricia April 10, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Hog man, May you someday experience something where you know how Andrew felt... where you're backed up against a wall with no alternatives and experience the pain and desperation that Andrew went through... Then maybe you will understand and realize how elected officials and volunteers of a city can use criminal tactics to promote their agenda. It is ruthless and despicable. Properties can be replaced... A man's life cannot...It's unfortunate that you don't see this.


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