Drop Off Snowflakes for Newtown, Sandy Hook in Roswell

Locals can drop off handmade snowflakes for Sandy Hook School to Roswell resident, Jennifer Salvadori. The snowflakes will decorate the new school students who survived the shooting will attend.

If long lines at the post office have deterred local residents from making and sending snowflakes to Newtown, Roswell resident Jennifer Salvadori hopes she can help.

The Newtown area is home for Salvadori, whose large extended family still lives in the area and whose cousin was one of the few first graders at Sandy Hook to survive the tragedy last Friday, Dec. 14.

It's been an emotional week, she says, so coordinating an effort to send homemade paper snowflakes to decorate the affected students' new school is how she's helping. The snowflake request was something organized by the National PTA and the Connecticut PTA as a way families - and especially children - from across the country could effectively brighten the lives of a devastated community. The organizations asked that anyone who wished to participate mail paper snowflakes to Connecticut.

"I know the Post Office is crazed this time of year and the thought of going there to mail stuff might deter folks from fully participating," Salvadori told Roswell Patch in an e-mail.

Instead of asking locals to brave the crowd at the Post Office, Salvadori will act as a local point person. Anyone can drop off snowflakes to her personally and she will coordinate their transport to Newtown.

A first batch of snowflakes will go up on Christmas Eve and a second batch will most likely go up during the first week of January.

Anyone who would like to drop off snowflakes cand do so by calling Salvadori at 770-540-5982.


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