Kids Corner: Jeronimo Jumps

The greatest bounce house you've never heard of.

When I was a kid, moonwalks were as rare as unicorns. These days, my kids are connoisseurs and their favorite bounce house is one of our Roswell's best kept secrets.

is located in the old Holcomb Woods shopping center on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell. They have plenty of moonwalks, super slides and mazes. But they also have ride-on toys, baby toys, a light-up dance floor, a mini climbing wall and a gated area just for ages three and under.

The space is so well planned that parents can feel comfortable settling into a nearby couch with a magazine or a book and catching all the action from a main vantage point. It's a big improvement over some bounce houses where it feels like your kid could run right out the door and into the street; which, by the way, is not a possibility thanks to the properly planned high indoor lock on the front door.

They also host kids' birthday parties, private parties and rent out their moonwalks. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks (both healthy and unhealthy) are available for purchase; and is a short walk if you need real food.

The activity center is also reasonably priced, at $6.50 to $8 for kids 11 months and up, it's a great place to spend a quiet weekday morning while the older kids are at school.

In short, it's a bounce house where parents can feel comfortable sitting back and relaxing while their little ones have a great time.

For me, that's priceless.

Visit them online for more information.


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