Loverboy Romeo Needs New Family

Cat in need of home, named because of loving personality.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue volunteers were very disappointed to receive a call from the adopters of Romeo, one of our all-time favorite cats, asking us to take him back.

Three-year-old Romeo, a Russian Blue Mix, was adopted out two years ago to what we thought was his forever home. Sadly, his owners have fallen on financial hard times and their personal circumstances led to their difficult decision to relinquish Romeo back to us. 

We gave Romeo his name because of his super loving personality. He loves to be with people, and one of the photos show him standing on his hind legs in order to be petted by his foster provider. The No. 1 request we have from potential feline adopters is for a "lap cat" ... and that's exactly what they'll get from Romeo. 

Romeo was quite bewildered when he was put in his new foster home, and rather depressed for a few days. However, he has adjusted to losing his previous family, and has now settled in at his temporary household. This is a cat who needs an owner or owners who give him lots of attention and love. He would be an ideal cat for a single person who is looking for a best friend, or...for that matter...for any family who simply wants a great cat. 

Romeo does not particularly like other cats, and we think he would do best in a household where he is the only kitty. He is leery of dogs, but would probably adjust to a well-behaved canine companion.  

Of course, Romeo is up-to-date on all vet work, and has been neutered, received all vaccinations, tested for diseases, and microchipped. 

For information on Romeo or to request an adoption application, please contact Deborah at 404-414-1282 or debsmith1000@gmail.com


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