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Mobility Dream Comes True for Roswell Resident

Second Wind Dreams and Mobility Express teamed up to provide Betty Clanton with a new motorized wheelchair.

One of Betty Clanton's dreams came true recently when she received a new wheelchair courtesy of Roswell's Mobility Express owners Sue and Jerry Sharp.

“Betty is our [Second Wind Dreams] resident ambassador. She had no idea that she was at the golf classic for anything other than being a representative for Second Wind dreamers. This was her second year to be a part of the classic," said PK Beville, founder of Second Wind Dreams®. "As she rode to the front of the group in her motorized wheelchair, she gracefully talked about how much SWD means to her and the elders. She began preaching to the crowd about how important it is for residents to get out of the eldercare community”. 

Beville said that as Betty talked, a brand new motorized wheelchair came up behind her. It was "tricked out" with a canopy, cup holder, bag and every other gadget imaginable.

"In the audience, out of the corner of my eye, I could see tears being wiped," she said. "When the wheelchair got shoulder to shoulder with Betty, she glanced over at it. I told her it was her new wheelchair. Dead silence. Then Betty tilted her head up to me and said, 'Really?'  Honestly, I’m still not sure it has even sunk in today." 

Beville thinks the best part of seeing Clanton's dream come true happened after the reveal. 

"It happened as she was being lifted into the borrowed van to take her back to the nursing home. As the doors were being closed Betty said, 'The best part of this is, my old wheelchair can be donated to someone else less fortunate than me.' I don’t know about you, but I’ll live on that for a long time. What an inspiration,” said Beville.

Mobility Express Owner Sue Sharp is thrilled to be able to take part in making a dream come true. 

"My own mother-in-law was honored by Second Wind Dreams® years ago and I must say it was the highlight of her senior years. As owners of a business that serves the needs of our aging population we thank Second Wind Dreams® for making dreams come true," she said.


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