National Charity League and Mutt Mad-ness Team Up for Adoptions

Dec 2013 Sophia Turkington, National Charity League volunteer, hold adoptive puppy.
Dec 2013 Sophia Turkington, National Charity League volunteer, hold adoptive puppy.

Thanks to Michelle Bishop Turkington for the information and photos: 

Mutt Madd-ness, a No-Kill Dog Rescue and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is determined to save as many dogs as possible and to find them loving families to care for them.  

Co-founders Barbara McRee, Stephanie Teach and Karen Tucker founded Mutt Madd-ness.org in 2009.   

Since that time, they have dedicated themselves to finding homes for pups as well as promoting the welfare of animals through education and legislation.   

They specialize in helping mothers with young litters of puppies and often give the litters popular group names, such as the “Royals” (including Charles, William, Pippa and Kate etc.) and the “Department Stores” (Bloomingdales, Macys, Lord and Taylor and Barneys ) They have had to get creative with their naming convention, as there are quite a lot of puppies, and they found homes for more than 900 puppies to date. 

Most Saturdays, Mutt Madd-ness teams up with the National Charity League (NCL), Gardenia Chapter (known for their pink shirts and helping hands), to find the puppies a home. They set up adoption centers at pet stores like Petco and Red Bandanna.  

Mutt Madd-ness continues to be one of NCL’s most popular philanthropies and the puppies strike a chord with many of the girls. Mutt Madd-ness takes care of all age appropriate vaccinations, as well as spaying/neutering and micro-chipping the pups.  

They are in constant need of donations to achieve their objectives. All this could not be done without the foster families, who help care for the pups and give them a temporary home as they go through the adoption process. 

The most common question they receive from prospective families at the adoption centers is, “What kind of dog is it?” To this they respond, “We don’t know. It’s a mutt.” It’s what they do. They save mutts.


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