Put Up a Scarecrow in the Historic District!

The 4th annual Boo Y’all Scarecrow Contest is about to get underway; has your organization or business entered a scarecrow submission yet?

Have a little fall inspired fun and put a scarecrow on Canton Street.

The Historic Merchants Association is calling all local merchants, schools, churches, synagogues, civic organizations, non-profits and anyone else who might be interested building a man made of straw for the 4th annual Boo Y’all Scarecrow Contest.

The first 25 entrants are eligible for a free bale of hay, which is to be picked up from Grimes Produce, located at the corner of Woodstock Road and Canton Street. Latecomers may purchase their own bale from Grimes, though hay is not a required part of an entry.

Businesses on Canton Street can reserve a street light in front of their building, but a note announcing the reservation should be placed on the pole until the scarecrow is in place. Non-merchants may pick any empty street light along the streets of Canton, Norcross, or Webb streets unless there is a note on the pole indicating a reservation.

The goal of the event is to help historic district visitors celebrate the fall season and bring a smile to local faces. But, the presence of a scarecrow will also bring local entities some goodwill, thanks to being in the public eye for a month, say organizers.

To have a scarecrow in the historic, here's what you'll need to do:

 Scarecrow Specifications:

  • Height of 4-7 feet tall
  • Must not impede pedestrian traffic on sidewalk/right-of-way
  • Must be able to withstand the elements for a month. Any scarecrows that do not stay up on its own will be removed
  • Tasteful
  • Creative
  • Non-political
  • Scarecrows must be put up and taken down by entrants.        

All Scarecrows must have a sign giving the name of the entrant but may not be overly advertorial in nature. 

This contest is not for advertising. This contest is for fun. If scarecrows do not meet the above specifications, they will be taken down. 


Judging locations will be determined by Oct. 3. Have your group’s supporters come out and vote for your scarecrow! The winner will be announced at the Alive After 5, Oct. 18. 


  • 1st Prize $200
  • 2nd Prize $100
  • 3rd Prize $50

To enter a scarecrow, send and e-mail with the name of your organization to: sally@chandlerygifts.com.


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