Roswell Business Heads Up Coat Drive for Refugees

Donate coats and other winter items to help Syrian refugees in Jordan.

As the conflict in Syria grinds on, thousands are fleeing their homes for refuge in
neighboring countries - and a local Roswell business is trying to help as many as possible get through the cold months.

A total count of displaced Syrian refugees is currently 490,841.

But, the conditions for the refugees are perhaps harshest in Jordan than in any other country. In Jordan, a poor, desert nation that is now hosting some 200,000 Syrians, many people shelter in tents on a freezing, dusty plain just inside Jordan's northern border with Syria. At the Zaatari camp, everything is covered with a layer of sand and mud; rows and rows of tents, once white, are now covered with mud and are very damp.

The cold winter weather has made its way into the camps, leaving refuges without adequate clothing and shoes. But you can help, says refugee coat drive organizer, Shannon Gowland, owner of Herbal Fusion Food Market in Roswell.

Local residents can donate coats (all sizes), sweaters, blankets, rubber boots (size 5-8) or any other winter item. Businesses can also make their locations a drop site for the drive.

To donate or for more information, contact Shannon Gowland at 404-895-1302 or sales@got-herbs.com.


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