Two Canine Hearts Looking for One Home

Sugar Pie and Spices available for adoption from Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

Meet "Sugar Pie and Spices," one totally adorable pair who are looking for their forever home and family through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. Sugar Pie is approximately 4 years old and Spices is around 2 years old. They each weigh around 6 pounds.  

Both dogs are Chinese-Crested/Papillion mixes and were saved as part of a group of 20 dogs living with their owner inside the back of a van near Chatsworth, Ga. Sugar Pie is a female, and little Spices is a male. This pair is very bonded to each other, so Angels Rescue needs to find a loving home willing to open their doors and hearts for both. 

When you meet them, you quickly understand why Angels is working to have them adopted together. Each night, as they go to bed, they quickly scoot under the covers and literally pile on top of each other. Little Sugar Pie will then start her nightly ritual of licking sweet Spices all over his precious little face until she's satisfied he's ready to go to sleep - and he loves every minute of it.

Spices is also quite generous with his kisses as he loves to lay on his human's chest, directly underneath their neck, and give them lots of sweet kisses, too. According to foster mom, they are the sweetest things in the world. This dynamic duo gets along with other dogs but they will need a kitty-free home as they find them just too much fun to chase.

They have proven to be very good with kids, as well as adults. Both dogs have been spayed/neutered, are microchipped, vetted and up-to-date on their shots.  Sugar Pie recently had a dental done and her smile is a real winner now. The pair are crate-trained and can even share a crate for a small amount of time, if needed. 

Since these babies are small, they need to go out to potty around every three to four hours, as it is hard for them to hold it for longer periods of time. They will need a fenced-in backyard to run and play in, and they simply love it when their humans walk them in the yard.  

One of their favorite things, besides snuggling, giving kisses, getting belly rubs and carrying their toys around, is riding in the car. They are very good at sharing a doggie car-seat together (see pictures). 

These babies are very social and need to be close to or around their humans as much as possible during the day. The ideal home would be either an owner who works from home or a retired person/couple who would have time to devote to them and love on them as much as possible. 

If you would like to know more about Sugar Pie and Spices, you may email their foster at mossyerm@gmail.com or you may email Angels Among Us Pet Rescue at inquiry@angelsrescue.org

For more animals available for adoption through Angels, visit www.angelsrescue.org/adoptables. You can also follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/angelsrescue.


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