What’s So Special About 11/11/11?

Veteran's Day, end of the world and a new Droid, all in one special day.

Today is 11/11/11.

What makes this day special?

It’s Veteran’s Day, an important time to thank those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

There is just an itsy bitsy little chance it could mark the end of the world. At least, that is part of the premise of the movie coming out, 11-11-11. If you have further interest about whether Friday is when the world says, “All done!” you can join this Facebook group, “11/11/11, End of the World?

Pull out the corduroy, it's Corduroy Day! Yes, it's a real thing. The Corduroy Appreciation Club will even be hosting a meeting to celebrate today.

It’s a sort of fun marketing opportunity for techies. will open later than usual Friday—at 11:11 a.m. to release the new Droid Razr. And no, the sticker price is not $111.11. It’s $299.99.

Twin girls from Wisconsin will celebrate their 11th birthday, and it will make national news, according to The Washington Post.

One hundred years ago on 11/11/1911, there was a huge cold snap in the United States and temperatures in some places—at least in Kansas City—dropped by 60 degrees in one day, according to the Daily Mail.

Happy 11/11/11!


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