Whiz Kid: Aida Mokube, A Smile For the Future

She's a straight A student who gives all of us a reason to smile.

The first thing you notice about 17-year-old Aida Mokube is that her smile lights up the room. Aida wants to become a dentist and she's got a perfect record for getting started.


Aida Mokube is a rising senior at West Forsyth High School. When her report card arrived last week, she realized all the hard work throughout her junior year paid off with straight A's. With a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 and a class ranking percentile of 96.58, Aida has put herself in the driver's seat to do just about anything she wants. 

But Aida's record goes beyond academic excellence. This past year, she was the parliamentarian for the student government, the most valuable player for track and field events, the track and field County Champion for discus and shot-put and a member of the French Honor Society in which she tutors students in a language she speaks fluently--French.

As a regional mock trial champion, Aida also knows a thing or two about keeping her cool under pressure. She'll be heading off to Girls State Representative Government Camp this summer to put her skills to the test for an election and bill writing exercise that details the legalities and format for a proposing new legislation.

These are the qualities that make a student very attractive to colleges, but as Aida will tell you, the work isn't easy. "It was really hard work making straight A's, but I'm so glad I put in the extra effort," she says with a smile that can only be described as bright as the summer sun.

Keys to Success:

"Your goal should be something you feel passionate about," says Aida. The only way to remain determined and achieve that goal is to have a passion about what you're doing. Don't do things just to please others, do things to please and improve yourself."

One of six children, Aida was born in Africa. Her family moved to America when Aida was four -years-old, and Aida's mother, Aisha, has adhered to the African belief that once a woman has a baby, she becomes a mother to all children. 

That philosophy has allowed for a balance and calm in the Mokube household that gives new meaning to the art of motherhood as well as community service in the truest sense. Aida's mother is the kind of woman who puts children first, whether they are her own or someone else's. 

It's no wonder Aida Mokube has a firm foothold on the road to success.

We'll be counting on her to keep the community smiling wherever she goes.


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