Winter Weather Doesn't Stop Volunteers at North Fulton's Atlanta Humane Society

You can still stop by to adopt a pet, even in freezing rain.

The weather in North Georgia can be unpredictable, even leading to the closing of several local school districts when icy precipitation is feared. But the threat of a winter ice storm doesn't slow down the daily activities at the Atlanta Humane Society-Mansell Campus, or their volunteers.

Karla Slocumb, the center's marketing manager, took a moment to share with Patch a bit of how AHS handles winter weather.

Patch: How does weather affect your operations?

Slocumb: Sometimes we see a decrease in foot traffic, as people might be less likely to get out in the pouring rain or freezing cold. But as far as taking care of the animals, the weather never stops us from making sure they get outside to go potty!

P: Does freezing rain keep volunteers away?

S: You’d think it would, but our volunteers are some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever seen! They break out their raincoats, gloves, and scarves and show up to make sure every dog gets walked.

P: Are the dogs and cats stuck inside for the duration of the "storm?" Or do you put them out in the elements?

S: We don’t ever let the dogs outside by themselves. We will take them for quick walks, usually so they can potty, but they are always supervised by a volunteer or staff member. At both facilities, we have indoor “meet and greet” rooms, so potential adopters can interact with the animals without needing to go outside.

The Mansell Campus is located at 1565 Mansell Road in Alpharetta. Call them at 404-875-5331 or e-mail contact@atlantahumane.org. Check out the AHS website for more information about the adoption process.


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