You Are So Much More...

You are more than just your body...there is an energy within you and all living things, called your life energy.

Maybe from even before day one, you were told how weak you were. You "needed" vitamin K for some reason, you had rounds of antibiotics, you received scores of vaccinations. 

Heck for even some of us guys, you got things cut off!! To this day you are inundated with ads and messages that tell you if you take this pill you'll be happy, this pill to sleep well, and that pill to breathe well. All this and more because someone thought you needed them to be healthy.

I'm here to tell you it is and was all false. Made up. A complete fabrication.
The truth is, you were born with the ability to be healthy...in fact your natural state is health. It's all inside of you, expressing itself beautifully every moment of your life.

You see, you are more than your body. Inside of you and all living things is an energy called your life energy.  And when that life energy is allowed to express itself optimally, you are at the pinnacle of health. You need three things in your life to be completely healthy:

  • A deliberate and positive mental focus (more on this in the future!)
  • A healthy lifestyle (more on this later too!)
  • A clear neurological connection between your brain and your body

By aligning your spine and helping you function normally, chiropractic care maintains the brain-body connection and helps you achieve more health and more life!

My passion is to get you connected and maintain that connection so that you can have an outrageously healthy life! 

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Betsy Thurston May 05, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Brian, you are so right. As a dietitian working with people who want to lose weight the number one direction to go in for many people is learning that they cant focus on their goals if they are spending all their time worrying about their bodies, trying to hide their flaws, and hating what they see. We are spiritual beings in a physical body. Imagine what kind of a life we could all have if we could harness that mental focus and get out of our own way. Everyone can learn to have that healthy lifestyle. One small change at a time feeds into the next until before you know it the bad habits have fallen away. Today is a new day. We can start now!
Brian Flannery, DC May 05, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Great comment Betsy!! We at BE Chiropractic are totally focused on more health and more life! We would love to meet you some time soon and discuss some strategies with you about how we can make our community healthier. Give us a call at 770-657-7463 or email me at brian@bechiro.com Be well and have an amazing day!!


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