Anti-Gravity Technology Helps Runners, Physical Therapy Patients in Roswell

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill at A Step Ahead Physical Therapy is beneficial to locals in a number of different ways for a number of different reasons.

A Step Ahead Physical Therapy is literally a step ahead when it comes to rehabilitation technology.

The local business recently acquired the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, a rehabilitation device which uses NASA based anti-gravity technology. The treadmill is used locally to rehabilitate a very diverse patient pool, says owner Brad Freemyer. Those utilizing the device include: orthopedic patients, neurology patients, geriatric patients, beriatric patients and, of course, athletes with sports injuries.

Because the impact on the body and the pain of recovery are reduced, the anti-gravity technology enables faster rehabilitation and safer conditioning for the geriatric population, leading to weight loss and other benefits.

"This treadmill is the biggest technological advancement that I have seen in the Physical Therapy arena over my 24 plus year career," said Freemyer. "It is having a major impact in how we are able to serve our community through providing a higher level of care."

He says it's beneficial for patients with joint or muscle problems in their legs and back, neurological problems like Parkinson’s or who've had a stroke, as well as for weight loss by those who've been unable to exercise regularly because of pain. Additionally, fitness enthusiasts trying to preserve their joints when running or performing over-speed training have loved the benefits as well.

One of Freemyer's patients wrote:

“What an awesome new addition for A Step Ahead! The AlterG has taken me back to the days when I could run with no pain whatsoever! The AlterG has allowed me to aggressively return to walking and jogging and not only recover from my ankle and knee injuries but to regain capabilities I have not had for almost 15 years! I would recommend everyone who is struggling with pain-free exercise try this wonderful new concept!”

The technology's Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology applies a lifting force to the body that reduces weight on the lower extremities and allows precise unweighting up to 80 percent of a person’s body weight, according to information on the treadmill.

"We are pleased that Life Care Centers of America is one of those pioneers," said Steve Basta, CEO of AlterG, in a press release." Our unique approach to unweighted physical therapy preserves natural body movement, helps with fall prevention and benefits a broad range of medical conditions."

Freemyer says he believes his is the only AlterG in the north metro Atlanta area. The physical therapy center allows anyone who wants to use it to reserve time on the AlterG.

They are located off of 930 Woodstock Road, Suite 310 in Roswell. For more information please visit the website or call 770-998-6636 or e-mail info@asaphysicaltherapy.com.

Don Peterson October 01, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Way to go Brad! Don Peterson See you soon.


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