How Can You Save $2 Per Gallon of Gas?

Kroger is extending its summer fuel promotion that trades grocery purchases for fuel discount points until the end of the year.

Do you buy a lot of groceries? If so, you can cut the cost to filling up the tank of your car or SUV. Kroger is extending its summer fuel promotion until the end of the year.

By spending $2,000 in a single month at Kroger, you can save $2 per gallon of gas at Kroger Fuel Centers. The savings start with the first $100 spent at the grocery store, which saves you 10 cents per gallon. The grocer awards customers one point per dollar spent in any Kroger store, if you have a "Kroger Plus Shopper's Card."

Select gift cards in the stores' back to school promotion earn quadruple fuel points through Sept. 8. All gift card purchases earn double fuel points after Sept. 8. Or have your prescription filled at a Kroger pharmacy to earn 50 fuel points.

With gas prices at $3.89 or higher – much higher – at gas stations in Roswell according to Georgia Gas Buddy, any savings are appreciated by all of us who drive. (The two major membership stores, Sam's Club and Costco, were listed at $3.79 per gallon as this article posted.)

Check the map on this page for some local Kroger store locations.

Do you know of another fuel discount program offered in Roswell? Let us know about it.


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