Little Alley Steak Introduces New Kobe Beef Menu Item

A new Wagyu beef program has come to Roswell.

Canton Street's Little Alley Steak is excited to introduce a new American Kobe beef - the Wagyu beef program.

Nestled in the hills of northern California, Japanese owned and operated Masami Ranch is the only certified 10+ domestic Wagyu beef based only on the Japanese BMS chart. Originally designed to export back to Japan, the tender and juicy cuts are now available at Roswell's own Little Alley Steak.

Unlike most domestic Wagyu programs, Masami Ranch is a completely sustainable farm utilizing a rich feed of whole corn, grains and other local items. Masami’s animals are born, raised and fed on their 7,000-acre ranch and are fed in covered stations that allow the animals comfort and security.

Here's what you can expect from Little Alley's new menu additions:

Filet Mignon - aged 35 days

  • Six-ounce for $56
  • Eight-ounce for $78

New York Strip - aged 52 days

  • Six-ounce for $45
  • Ten-ounce for $75

Eye of Ribeye - aged 46 days

  • Seven-ounce for $42
  • Ten-ounce for $60

For more information on Little Alley Steak, visit their website or check out this Patch video with Chef Bob McDonough.


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