Roswell Business Alliance Courts Brokers, Agents

Local leaders considered a recent luncheon geared toward property investors a step in the right direction for economic development.

The Roswell Business Alliance (RBA), in partnership with Progress Partners of Greater North Fulton and the city of Roswell, hosted "Building Opportunity Roswell" at Little Alley Steak on Canton Street last week.

Sponsored by Gas South, the exclusive luncheon was held on Wednesday, Aug. 22 for brokers and commercial leasing agents who have an invested interest in doing business in Roswell.

“A partnership between Roswell Business Alliance, the city and Progress Partners focused on educating the business leaders and the brokers' clients will allow Roswell to fill with strong and successful businesses,” stated Al Nash, Executive Director of Progress Partners of Greater North Fulton.

Mayor Jere Wood and city council members, along with city representatives from community development, transportation, public works and the Downtown Development Authority addressed over 50 attendees about Roswell’s thriving and growing business climate. 

Steve Stroud, Executive Director of Roswell Business Alliance, reminded brokers that “Roswell is open for business.”

“There was a lot of excitement and positive momentum during the event," said Ken Davis, president of Georgia Division and RBA Board president. "Word is getting out not only in our community, but also in the developer community, that Roswell wants to work hand-in-hand with developers and owners.”

Topics of discussion during the luncheon included tax incentives within the Opportunity Zone for new and current Roswell businesses, future development plans within certain retail and commercial areas, progression of the city’s Strategic Economic Development Plan and how RBA can assist in facilitating the processes involved when re-locating or opening a business within Roswell.

Roswell City Councilmember Nancy Diamond considered the event pivotal in the growth of Roswell.

“Years from now, as we recount the path Roswell took to revitalize our commercial areas, we will point to this event as one of the first catalyst actions,” she said. “Shifting long held impressions in people who market properties in the city puts us top of mind for those who can open new opportunities.”


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