Taylor Clarke Bridals Opens in Historic Roswell

Cheryl Taylor opens up about the new bridal shop at the corner of Woodstock Road and Canton Street in historic Roswell.

All of nature is in bloom and Roswell's wedding industry is continuing to blossom in Roswell with the arrival of Taylor Clarke Bridals.

Long known as a scenic nuptials spot, Roswell has become a destination for area couples seeking the perfect wedding locale. So it's no surprise that in the years since local event facilities and historic homes began flinging open their doors to welcome blushing brides and dapper grooms, businesses catering to the happy couple's pre-wedding preparations have also begun popping up.

One of the newest to the scene, Taylor Clarke Bridals see their shop's addition to the local industry as one that brings something completely unique to the table. The shop turns the abstract visions of a bride into reality. Designer Cheryl Taylor creates bridal gowns and bridal party dresses based on ideas. And more often than not, those ideas have been dancing around in the heads of her customers for years.

With that kind of pressure, it's a wonder she gets anything done at all. But she does. And along with help from her business partner, Laurie Clarke, the pair are building a clientele who have fallen in love with the handmade gowns and the personal relationships developed over vision boards and dress fittings.

Here's what Taylor had to say about the business:

Q: What inspired you to open Taylor Clarke Bridals?

A: I love to create beautiful wedding gowns inspired by the bride who's actually going to wear the dress; it's great getting to know a bride and being a part of her special day. All our dresses are as unique as the bride they are designed for. They are wearable works of art, a collaboration between the bride and us. My business partner, Laurie Clarke was the one who encouraged me to open our beautiful bridal studio in Roswell, after I had taken a break from bridal design to bring up my children.  

Q: Why did you choose to set up shop in Roswell's historic district?

A: We both live in Roswell and love the sense of community in Roswell's historic district. Our city is a wedding mecca and we know that the style and quality of our gowns is in keeping with the local wedding venues. It has taken us a long time to find the perfect location and we are thrilled to be located at Perry House, 1175 Canton Street. 

Q: What sets you apart from other bridal stores?

A: Our dresses are handmade here in Roswell using couture techniques, vintage and modern lace, gorgeous silks and embellishments. My design experience in the UK included making gowns for the aristocracy, the rich and famous as well as brides from all walks of life. When designing a dress it is always important to know where it is going to be worn, as this determines the style of the dress. Some of my gowns have been worn at Buckingham Palace, stately homes, historic manor houses, prestige hotels such as the Dorchester, they have even been flown round the world in their own first class seats! I love to design gowns for location weddings too. Beach weddings are a favorite of mine. I think if I got married again, I would get married on an island. We offer the bride a very unique experience, personal service, outstanding quality, one of a kind dresses that fit her and the style of her wedding. All our gowns are made to order so that affords us the chance to make include personal details and to ensure a perfect fit.  

Q: What can customers expect from you?

A: Our customer can expect from us a very supportive, inspirational and personal service. From the initial design sketches right through to the finished gown, we are there to make the bride's gown perfect in every way we can. 

Q: Any particular moments creating/fitting/selling a dress that stand out to you and has reinforced why you do what you do?

A: Our brides really enjoy the Taylor Clarke wedding dress design experience because we really get to know our brides and their bridal party. After they get married they always come back to visit us and tell us how much they enjoyed their fittings and that they miss us. When we begin the design process for a bride we don't know each other very well, but after several fittings where we have shared stories, imparted advice, laughed and ultimately cried tears of joy at the final fitting, we feel like family too and so I know I am doing what I should be, I love my job.  

is located at 1175 Canton Street. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. All other times by appointment. For more information visit their website


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