Amanda Knox Guilty Verdict Overturned

The 24-year-old will soon be freed from the Italian prison where she has been for the past four years.

You might have already heard: an Italian court overturned the guilty verdict of American college student Amanda Knox, who was charged with killing her British roommate in 2007.

The case was well covered by the media and many people felt very strongly about her fate on both sides.

What do you think? Was justice served? Are you relieved that she'll be going home? If she's innocent, who killed Meredith Kercher? Share you thoughts on the trial and appeal in the comment section below.

Sean October 04, 2011 at 12:14 PM
From the article linked to above: "The Kercher family looked on grimly and a bit dazed as the verdict was read out by the judge after 11 hours of deliberations by the eight-member jury. Outside the courthouse, some of the hundreds of observers shouted 'Shame, shame!'" It is a great shame. My heart goes out to the Kerchers, who had to endure the trauma of watching Knox walk after she covered up the sexual assault of their daughter and then participated in her murder (that Knox repeatedly lied to police and attempted to frame an innocent man was salt in the wound). There is no justice here, sadly. From the same article: "Prosecutors can appeal the acquittal to Italy's highest court." Let's hope so.


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