Cirque de la Symphonie Comes To Alpharetta on Saturday Night

Producer and performer Alexander Streltsov talks about the show and how it came to be.

Acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, dancers, jugglers and strongmen will share the stage with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in Alpharetta on Saturday, July 30 in Cirque de la Symphonie.

The circus-style acts will be choreographed to classical and contemporary musical pieces performed live by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, led by Principal Pops Conductor Michael Krajewski. 

Patch spoke with Alexander Streltsov, who is one of the performers and a producer of Circue de la Symphonie. 

Streltsov was born into a circus family in Russia, saying that it was his destiny to follow in his father's footsteps. At the age of 12, he developed his act and went to Paris where he won a gold medal. From there, he went to Broadway and toured the world performing. 

As a child performing in Moscow, Streltsov met his future business partner, Bill Allen, who befriended him and eventually became his guardian here in Georgia where Streltsov attended the University of Georgia. Allen helped to be his "firewall" and acted as his manager in the industry while he was young and needed the help.

In 1998, Erich Kunzel from Cincinnati Pops saw him and thought that the performance would make a great addition to his pop series and invited him to share a stage with an orchestra. Streltsov was a guest performer at many shows all around the world until 2005 when an official incorporated group called Cirque de la Symphonie was formed. The first show took place in Houston with Bill Allen at his side as his business partner.

This is not the first show that the performers have worked with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. This is, however, the first time that they have performed together at an outdoor venue. Both have done outdoor shows, just not together.

Streltsov said he has performed at outside venues "so many times, it is not really a big deal." His only concern with outdoor shows is the weather.

"This is especially true when people are flying on silk fabrics high up in the air and the wind starts to blow," he said.

It makes it more difficult to control, but after five years of this, he is use to it now.

The performance is one that people of all ages can delight in, Streltsov said. He explained that the music may feature a song that the kids would recognize from Harry Potter or Star Wars so they will recognize and enjoy some of the music while watching the show as well.

"It is a great way to introduce the symphony world to children because it is so colorful. This performance also helps interject new blood into the music world where it is hard to compete and recruit new people," Streltsov said.

And for the youngster who wants to join the performers after seeing the show? Streltsov said "study hard and do your best and if you are really dedicated to it, anything is possible."

Though the performance is just one night, a typical week for Streltsov is busy as he wears many hats. He is on the phone all day every day during the week. He flies into cities for performances and acts as the technical director figuring out how to do the rigging at the venue for the show. Safety is a concern so he must be focused on that. Then he is ready to perform in the shows doing aerial acrobatics and ground performances such as a shape juggling visual act.

He is based out of Atlanta but is always ready to fly to the next city on his schedule for "one, maybe two crazy days." Many of the performers have other jobs like corporate events and work elsewhere when not on stage on the weekends in various places.

The show is scheduled to take place at the  on Saturday, July 30 at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster and prices range from $12 to $35 a ticket.


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