Curb Address Painting Not a City Service, Say Roswell Staff

Residents who have received a "notice" requesting payment to paint their address onto the curb should know it's not a city request, but instead the work of a private company.

If you've recently received a notice about increasing your address visability in case of emergency, it's not an official request from the city of Roswell, say staff.

Following numerous calls and correspondence into from local residents, city staff want to make sure citizens know that a notice left in Roswell neighborhoods is the work of a private company and not a city mandate, despite the implications.

A number of residents have reported receiving a notice that makes it seem as though the city is requesting that they have their addresses painted on their home's curb for a cost of $14.95. However, Community Relations Coordinator Kimberly Johnson sent out an e-mail assuring local media that the notice is not a city organized service, but instead, the advertisement of a private company.

The flyer indicates residents should make checks payable to Zoltan Linka. A quick online search shows this is not the first time Linka's organization has been the crux of some confusion over implied endorsement from a government entity. The Athens Banner-Herald reported a similar story during 2003.

Adriana Hayes September 11, 2012 at 06:15 PM
On a side tangent... this guy seems to have other issues too. http://georgia.arrests.org/Arrests/Zoltan_Linka_6971255/


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