'Django Unchained:' Violent, Gut-wrenching and Yes, Entertaining

The movie is funny, offbeat and brutal.

If you love Quentin Tarantino, you will be thoroughly entertained by "Django Unchained." It moves the audience from curiosity into a spaghetti western, from cheeziness into blaxploitation and outright fun, and then into the gut-wrenching reality of slavery, violence and revenge. Fun revenge. Entertaining revenge.

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It's funny, offbeat, and brutal, based in the American south two years before the start of the Civil War. As Django, Jamie Foxx straps on a six-shooter or two, some cowboys boots and hat in the film.

In the film, bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz, - played by Christoph Waltz who won an Oscar for his performance in “Inglourious Basterds” – needs Django’s help in capturing three slave traders. In return, he will give Django his freedom. The two grow close and Django tells Schultz how he longs to find his wife Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington.

They learn that she is at Candyland, a plantation owned by Leonardo DiCarprio’s character Calvin Candie.

Get ready for intense and intriguing scenes when Django and Schultz reach Candyland about halfway through the nearly three hour film. DiCaprio, Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Candyland's head house slave, Stephen, are gripping.

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The film never loses sight of the horrors of slavery and the "n-word" is all over the film - it is a Quentin Tarantino movie

The flick-o-meter gives "Django Unchained" a five out of five. It's two hours and forty mintues and, at times, it does feel a bit long.

Film director Spike Lee has gone on record saying the film is disrespecful to African American ancestors even refusing to see it.

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