Instagram Backpedals on New Terms, Says it Won't Sell Your Photos

The recent announcement comes after users revolted against the new terms this week.

According to CNN, Instagram, the popular photo-sharing site, will not be selling your photos, officials now say.

A firestorm of controversy errupted around the app's specifically worded new terms of service, which appeared to give Instagram rights to sell its users photographs. But the company, recently bought by Facebook, says it will reword the terms more carefully.

CNN says the original wording was supposed to allow Instagram the ability to
"incorporate your personal information into sponsored posts, along the lines of what Instagram's parent company, Facebook (FB), already does with its Sponsored Stories ads. Those ads pull in users' profile photos for messages promoting brands that users have chosen to 'like.'"

If the official response from Instagram doesn't relieve your privacy fears, the Washington Post has a few tips finding another photo-sharing service.


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