iPhone 5: Will You Buy It?

Rumor has it that Apple will debut its latest upgrade to the iPhone, Wednesday, Sept. 12. But will it have everything buyers hope for?

For the past several weeks, the Web has been buzzing with the prospective news that Apple will announce its latest iteration of the popular iPhone - mostly likely dubbed the iPhone 5 - Wednesday, Sept. 12.

USA Today's Jefferson Graham says the new phone is expected to be slightly bigger with a larger screen, faster processor (iOS 6) and better camera. The phone should also have a new mapping feature - called Apple Maps. The Huffington Post reports that Apple is likely to change the phone's look, shrink the charging dock and equip it with a bigger battery for longer life on one charge.

A JP Morgan economist has said he believes the release of the new iPhone could result in a major boost to the nation's economy during the last quarter of the year.

So, will you be one of those early buyers? What do you hope the phone has?


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