Two Girls Drown Together, Man Commits 'Brazen' Robbery

Here are some recent Patch headlines not far from Roswell.

- Dallas-Hiram Patch

Two girls lost their lives Sunday after drowning in an in-ground pool at a Vista Lakes subdivision home in Dallas.

According to Sgt. Bill Gorman of the Dallas Police Department, the victims were identified as Sophia Juarez, a resident at the Vista Lakes home, and Mia Penoyer of Grayson in Gwinnett County. Both girls were 5.

Penoyer’s grandmother, who is 58, lives in the Juarez home and serves as a housekeeper and babysitter. She was in the home Sunday afternoon and got a text message from a friend just before 1 p.m. asking her to call. She made that call after receiving the message and stayed on the phone for 45 minutes.

“Sometime during that 45-minute time span, the little girls ventured out of the house, into the backyard and into the swimming pool,” Gorman said. “We don’t know why they left or what they had in mind, [but] they were not swimming—they had already talked about swimming, they were already told no because of the rainy weather. They were both fully clothed when they were found, and no one knows how they got out of the house, when they went out of the house, any of this.”

Juarez’s parents and their 10-year-old son had gone to Hiram earlier in the day to go shopping. When they returned about 1:40 p.m., they looked for the two girls; the son soon thereafter found the girls in the pool.

The family called 911 about 1:43 p.m. and then attempted to take the girls to the hospital in a personal vehicle. First-responders arrived about three or four minutes later and met the family at the subdivision’s entrance, but were unable to revive the girls.

- Sandy Springs Patch

A man was arrested Monday night for a brazen robbery at Perimeter Mall that he apparently didn't think all the way through.

Dunwoody Police suspect Kyle Leonard Williams, 18, of snatching an iPad from a Roswell woman at the mall and then running off. The woman reportedly chased Williams into the parking lot where his get-away-ride … was not waiting.

Williams, from Valpraiso, Ind., then told the woman that he would give her back her computer tablet if she didn't call police, police said. But, it ended up, there was no room for negotiation. Police had already arrived and then arrested the man.

Williams is suspected of battery and robbery.

- Roswell Patch

Two Roswell men are in police custody after a woman found them attempting to break into an SUV at the AMC Theater on North Point Parkway in Alpharetta, according to Channel 2 Action News.

Police tracked down the license plate number given to them by the woman and found the two men lived in Roswell. When police confiscated their phones after their arrest they found recordings of them allegedly breaking into local cars.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Kevin Cruz-Martinez, 20, and Elipidio Puga, 20, were booked into Fulton County Jail on multiple charges May 26.

- Norcross Patch

A man told police of an bizarre incident that happend to him involving prostitution, crack cocaine and brass knuckles.

According to the police report, the 48-year-old Alpharetta man was meeting a prostitute at an in unincorporated Norcross around 10:30 p.m. June 5.

When he arrived at the 6045 Oakbrook Parkway establishment to visit "Deanna," he knocked on the door and was greeted by a man named "D."

The Alpharetta man told police that he didn't see Deanna there, but instead saw several bags of crack cocaine on the table in the room.

He said that he always reports drugs to police, so he allegedly told an officer in the parking lot about it.

This is when the story starts to get a bit murkier: He went back to the hotel to have a beer with a friend in another room, but then he ran into "D." Because the victim had supposedly ratted him out to the police, the cocaine man charged at him and hit the victim in the face with a pair of brass knuckles.

The victim ran away from the scene and called police. With the left side of his face swollen, he met them at the Shell gas station at Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Oakbrook Parkway.

Police noted in the report that he was constantly changing his story and gave conflicting statements about the incident. The report does not state what happened to the first officer the victim allegedly flagged down about the cocaine. The victim changed his story on how he knew "D," too.

After hearing the victim's stories, the officer went to the inn and knocked on the room with the man who allegedly had the cocaine, but no one answered the door. The victim was adamant about pressing charges against "D" and was angry that the officer did not kick in the door to arrest the suspect.

Shortly after the officer left, the victim called authorities again and said that Deanna had just called him from the room with "D" and that she was being held against her will. Two officers, one of them being the same officer from before, responded to the hotel room again, but nothing suspicious was heard from outside.

The same officer called the victim, and, not realizing he was speaking to the same person, the victim changed his story. When the officer told him that they had already spoken and reminded him how it's unlawful to falsely report a crime, the victim disconnected the call.


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