Mexican Diplomat May Face Jail for DUI, Speeding in Roswell

Despite partial immunity, Mariano Saynez-Ruiz-Duran may still go to jail for the April 20 incident.

When Mexican diplomat Mariano Saynez-Ruiz-Duran goes to court next month , he may still face jail time despite partial diplomatic immunity, reports wsbtv.com.

Saynez-Ruiz-Duran's license is currently suspended over the incident, in which Roswell Police allege he was driving 91 miles per hour on Ga. 400 with nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system. 

He did not show up to court Tuesday to face the charges, but Saynez-Ruiz-Duran's attorney Troy Hendrick told wsbtv.com that he should be in court next month. He will have to decide whether to go forward with a trial or take a plea deal at that time.


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