Roswell Remembers 9/11 Victim

Osama bin Laden's death has people remembering the deaths of so many on September 11, 2001, including Roswell resident Claude Michael Gann.

Nearly ten years since Osama bin Laden became a household name on that fateful day in September 2011, it's on everyone's lips again with the announcement of his death. For many, bin Laden's death at the hands of the U.S. military finally brings some closure to one of the most painful events in American history.

Not only did gather at Ground Zero in New York to commemorate the occasion, Twitter and Facebook were also abuzz with celebratory chatter and solemn remembrances of loved ones lost - including Roswell's own Claude Michael Gann.

Roswell Patch got in touch with Ginny Ray,  who wrote a online tribute to Gann several years ago.

According to the Obi's Sister blogger, Ginny Ray, Gann, 41, grew up in Smyrna but lived in Roswell. He was recently happily remarried when he was sent to New York to attend a conference for work in the North Tower of the World Trade Center buildings. Slated to come home after the conference ended that fateful day, September 11, 2001, he never made it.

"I thought of Michael last night as I heard the news. [Even though] I'd never met him," Ray said. "When Project 2996 sent out the call for blogger tributes of 911 victims, I asked for a Georgian and they sent me Michael's name. After researching what I could find back then, I felt like I'd known him myself. He was a fine man."

As a way to honor Gann after the attacks, the city of Roswell placed a plaque in Roswell Area Park as a tribute to his memory.

The JustKeith.com website offered a view into Gann's life with pictures from his earlier years. 

And on 9-11 Heroes, a online memorial website, Gann's own daughter posted this comment last year:

"This is a little late. I am Mike's youngest daughter, Katie. I'm glad to find all of these websites about my dad. I never really knew him all too well because I was only 5 years old when it all happened. It's amazing to see how much everyone loved him. Thank you, everyone."

It's been a long time to wait, but the U.S. has finally found some "justice," to President Barack Obama. 

"Today is a great day for America; especially [for] those who have grieved for almost 10 years," Ray told Roswell Patch. "I hope the Gann's and all the other families changed forever by this tragedy finally gain some closure." 


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