Women Only Gambling 'Club' Shuttered, Police Warn of 'Bicycle Chaser'

Here are some top Patch headlines not far from Roswell.

- Duluth Patch

Gwinnett Police Monday (June 11) busted gambling operations in two homes in Duluth.

An anonymous tip led Gwinnett Police to the homes at 2650 Michael Circle and 3927 Old Norcross Road, according to Cpl. Jake Smith.

Mi Hui Yi was arrested and charged with keeping a gambling place, commercial gambling, and possession of gambling devices at the Michael Circle home. Chong Suk Han was arrested at the Old Norcross Road home, where she was in charge, Smith said. She was also charged with keeping a gambling place, commercial gambling, and possession of gambling devices.

Several other women were arrested at the second home including Sung Hee Choi, Young Suk Han, Shirly Kim, and Mi Hyang Huh. Choi was charged with keeping a gambling place, commercial gambling, and possession of gambling devices. Young Suk Han, Kim and Huh were charged with commercial gambling.

From the first location, police officers seized four gambling machines (video poker, slots, etc.) and over $15,000 cash, Smith reported. From the second house, officers seized six gambling machines and over $3,000 cash, he said.

This was a women’s gambling “club,” Smith said. Men were not permitted to gamble at these locations.

- West Cobb Patch

Two females—one adult, one juvenile—reported to police Tuesday that a man chased them while they rode their bicycles in a Powder Springs neighborhood.

Officers responded about 8 p.m. to the Legend Hollow subdivision on Old Lost Mountain Road, according to an alert sent out Wednesday from Cobb police Precinct 5.

The girls said a black male they didn't know—about 5-foot-6 with short hair, silver shorts and a white short-sleeve shirt—began to chase them, the alert said. They attempted to ride away, but he caught up with them and grabbed the adult's bike, requesting "a ride."

"The male repeated the request a second time but then left them alone at which time they returned home and contacted police," the alert said.

- South Cobb Patch

At 8:13 a.m. on Wednesday, Cobb Police arrested and Austell woman and charged her with child deprivation and reckless conduct after she left her two children at home alone while she went to work. Mercedes Behena, 39, said she forgot to turn her stove off before she left the children, who were sleeping.

After receiving a 911 call about heavy smoke, members of the Cobb Fire Department arrived at Behena’s home at the Whisper Woods apartment complex at 665 Whisper Trail in Austell.

When the firefighters arrived, they heard crying inside. They were able to enter the home and rescue the two children, Office Mike Bowman stated in a release.

- Smyrna-Vinings Patch

Some Smyrna residents were awakened Wednesday morning to the distant sound of live fire from .

Smyrna-Vinings Patch got a few emails and a Facebook comment asking about the disturbance, so we called Cpt. Patrick Simmons, one of Dobbins’ public information officers, to get the scoop.

“This is a live fire requirement that our security forces have annually,” he said. “They’re military police and they’re required by our Air Force instructions and regulations to qualify on an annual basis. Part of that qualification is to fire at night in the dark using night vision goggles and also in a low-light situation utilizing their sites on their weapons.”

- Cumming Patch

Forsyth County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested four local teenagers and charged them Tuesday night for selling marijuana, a news release stated.

A tip from a resident, within a 'Neighborhood Watch' community, was the start of what would become a lengthy investigation resulting in the arrests.

“Multiple undercover buys were made by our undercover narcotics unit during the investigation,” said Sheriff Ted Paxton. “The teenagers were supplying marijuana primarily to the high school age teens and young adults in the South and West Forsyth County area.”

Austin Z. Mauldin, 17, and Tyler C. Fasy, 17, both of Cumming, were charged with the sale of marijuana. Also arrested were two 16-year-old juveniles, a male and a female.

“These arrests will make a large impact on the drug sales and distribution in the West and South Forsyth area to our teens and young adults,” said Paxton.


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