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Halloween Hikes

Don’t Miss this Favorite Annual Tradition at the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell

Get ready to take a walk on
the wild side and meet some wonderful costumed woodland creatures as
they perform dramatic antics on the trails for Halloween Hikes on Friday and
Saturday, October 26 and 27 from 7:00 -
10:00 PM. 

Join us for one of the most amazing and fun events at the Nature Center!  Over the years, thousands of families have enjoyed the magic of Halloween without being scared out of their wits.  Halloween Hikes are perfect for children who want to join in the excitement of the season, but fear the
dark side of the traditions.  If you are looking for a delightful experience for kids of all ages, Halloween Hikes is your ticket to fun!

Parents love this non-scary tradition, some of them attended as children themselves.  This festival has become so popular that many other nature centers across the country now have similar events!  Don’t miss this chance to meet “the slow moving Box Turtle” and his friends as you
enjoy the mystery of a night hike and learn about their lives while they perform for you!

Jack Peacock is volunteering again, for the 19th
year, performing as our resident box turtle of the great Chattahoochee Nature Center! Recently, he was asked to reflect on his first 18 years here, as our beloved Box Turtle, one of everyone’s favorite characters, and he shares
some of his thoughts from 18 years on the Halloween Hikes trails…..“Back in the early days, I was stationed next to a tree that was just past my spot. 

When I said good 'bye to the crowd, I had to warn them to watch for the tree! 
Many people tried to move it, but it would not budge! The Hikes used to go up on a higher trail, and I would crawl down the hillside to greet everyone.
Turtles sit very still when they are relaxing. 
That's why many people think I'm a statue when they approach me.
Many people will guess that I am some other creature, and not a box turtle.
I've been called a ladybug, and even a bear!
I once went on a field trip, and was in the Sandy Springs Turtle Day Parade!
Did you see me there?
I always ask for you to send me mushrooms.
To date, I've received one package from two adorable young ladies.  I still have the label from that package!
I used to have several "groupies" that hung out with me at my spot on the trail.
I hope they were successfully treated at the Betty Ford Treatment Center.
I really don't like bubble gum, or licorice or coffee.
One little girl made her parents VERY proud by announcing  "old ladies like coffee!!"  All of the turtles that you
saved, by putting them on the side of the road (in the direction we are travelling!), say "Thank You!!"
We have the best turtle reunions! Sharing stories of how someone saved us!

Several years ago, a little boy would come to see me on the
trail.  He got S-O-O-O excited to see me, he would bounce up and down like a pogo stick!
He did this every year he saw me!  I miss seeing him!  If you know him, tell him to come and see me again.
He doesn't even have to bounce up and down if he doesn't want to!!

Kids give the best hugs. 
Kids of all ages!
A couple of years ago a little girl gave me a hug, and waited patiently to talk
to me when everyone else had left.
I'm not sure what she was saying, but her eyes lit up when I asked her if she
wanted another hug!
I guess I understood her after all.

Dads can be really funny sometimes.  Especially the
dads that finish my jokes!

A couple of years ago we had the election for governor of
the State of Georgia.  Both candidates were having problems with their tax returns.  I mentioned that it was easier to help a turtle across the road, than it was to get two Georgia politicians to correctly file their tax
returns!  One dad, in the back of the group shouted: “Wow!! Both parties with one joke!  AWESOME!!!”  That’s one of my trademarks – equal time offending both parties, and with one joke when I can!

A couple of years ago a young father brought his little girl to the Hikes. He and his daughter stayed behind while the rest of the group went on to the
next character on the trail.
The dad asked me how long I've been on the trail.  All my life, of course!!
He explained that he remembers seeing me on the trail when he was a little boy, when his dad brought him to the Hikes.  Now he's bringing his daughter, so she can make her own memories of the Halloween Hikes!  Three generations of Hikers in this family!!  Does your family have grandparents, parents and (grand-) kids that have enjoyed the Halloween Hikes?
What memories can you share about the Halloween Hikes?
Let us know at the Halloween Hikes this year, on October  26 or 27.
Thank you!”

Box Turtle

After your hike, explore the Discovery Center Museum and play in the Nature Exchange or enjoy the live music by the bonfire!  

  • Each group of 20 - 25 people will have a guide
    lead them safely on a lighted trail.

  • Play games and create fun crafts.

  • Get your face painted with a “wild” Halloween

  • Thrill to live musical entertainment around the
    campfire each evening.

Kids are encouraged to wear their costumes and have their
photo made with our roaming characters. Enjoy hot chocolate or sip apple cider and relax by the campfire.  Live animal presentations will accent the experience of nature at night.  Tickets are $8 for all ages, children two and under are free.  Tickets go on sale at 6:30 pm until at 9pm.   The trails are not suitable for strollers and children must be accompanied by adults at all times.  Hikes begin at 7 p.m. and run throughout the evening.  CNC members and groups of 10 or more can purchase tickets in advance at the Discovery Center Visitors Services Desk from 10 am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and Noon to 5 on Sunday. Call the Nature Center at 770-992-2055 ext 236 or send a message to r.gilbert@chattnaturecenter.org.


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