5 Questions Burning a Hole in my Brain

Well, maybe not burning a hole in my brain but definitely relevant.

OK, these questions aren't burning a hole in my brain, but most of below I regard as relevent and most of it carries with it welcome or unwelcome consequences for you and me.  

Will solar energy technology ever advance to the point that it is affordable for the average homeowner?  I often hear people around me, friends and acquaintances, say that solar is the next big thing that will carry us.  But will it?  Despite big backing from the Obama Administration, more than a few solar technology companies have actually gone belly-up.  And the plain fact is that the cost of materials to build out solar energy capability is, as of today, prohibitive to the average homeowner. 

Will shale oil lessen our dependency on foreign reserves?  Perhaps the most under-reported story of the year is the degree of oil reserves in the Bakken and other North American territories.  No, it’s not light sweet crude, but it’s recoverable.  And recovering it will involve rock fracturing, or fracking, which, like it or not, will exact an environmental toll.  Much to be discussed about all of this.  Notice I did not say I’m against recovering it, but I am saying there is much to consider before committing to doing so. 

Will it be Romney or Obama?  

What exactly will Mayor Belle Isle of Alpharetta be doing for technological capabilities/build-out/enhancement in ths city during his tenure at City Hall?  I remember a headline regarding this some time ago, but it seems the Mayor is rather caught up in floor plans and verandas and taking down trees (Ha!).  But seriously, I thought this was a good headline way back when and I want to know what substantive effort he’s made toward this goal.  

And finally, will Don Draper ever stop his philandering?  The creators of Mad Men evidently want us to think he never will as they left us with that scene where Don is about to….(will he come to his senses though?) cheat on Megan.  Poor Megan. But not poor viewers, as the inifinitely complex and handsome Don Draper never fails to captivate.    

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Lee at rootsinalpharetta.com October 08, 2012 at 02:11 AM
I'll play a little devil's advocate. Mayor Belle Isle made good on a campaign promise and created the new Alpharetta Technology Commission and the re-branding effort that goes along with it. I think it is a positive step. Remember that most in city politics don't have a technology background, so this puts them a little close to the pulse of the technology business in Alpharetta. Gwinnett Tech might be another thing worth mentioning. But beyond that I don't know what else the mayor can do, still less than a year into his term. It's not like laying more concrete-encased fiber is going to bring anyone else to town.
Julie Hollingsworth Hogg October 08, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Yes, I see what you're saying. The "New" on the box is what's new about it (as Claire Booth Luce used to say about advertisers trying to sell boxes of laundry detergent). And yet the New on the box still has the power to improve sales, or in this case, perhaps votes, or at the very least get good press, create discourse, etc.


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