The Farmer's Table-New Favorite Store of The Real Housewife of Douglasville

The Real Housewife of Douglasville Cooks!!!

Contrary to popular belief, The Real Housewife does not spend her days in malls and nail salons.  However, I do frequent the Arbor Place Mall and we already talked about Charming Charlie’s at said mall.  It is my favorite place for sparkly accessories.   I got off track didn’t I.  Happens everytime I hear or speak the word, “sequins”.  Anyway, you all might be surprised to find out that I love to cook!  Yes, you read that correctly.  I have to pair that excellent wine with something, right?

So, I have some dishes that I believe, well according the The Real Husband, I have perfected.   Superior ingredients are very important in many of these dishes.  I have perfected salsa, or maybe more precisely, pico de gallo.  When I say I have perfected it, I mean I have to make big batches and give all my family members a container full.  My brothers will ask, “when are you making salsa?”.  (It is really more of a pico de gallo, but we say “salsa” because it is easier).  I hadn’t made any in a while because the best ingredients are essential. Usually that means a trip to the farmers market, but not anymore!  I have found the Holy Grail of produce right here in Douglasville.

I stumbled upon The Farmer’s Table on my way to my awesome hairstylist, Rachel, at Cuttin’ Edge (Highway 5, she’s fantastic).  I was at the corner of Central Church Road and Highway 5 and there, in the old BP station was The Farmer’s Table.  I swear I heard angels do that “AAAAHHHHH” thing you hear in movies.  As soon as I was properly coifed, I headed there, and, oh, my, what vegetable wonders there were.

Not only were there bins of gorgeous, ripe tomatoes (still with dirt on them, how I love that!) there was okra, corn, zuchini, Vidalia onions…on and on.  There is even a frozen section with beautiful specimens of all of these vegetables and then some that you can store if you just don’t have time to cook right then.  I eyed a big bin of Roma tomatoes and nearby big bunches of cilantro and, honey, I was in business.  I bagged ton of all vegetables necessary for my salsa, with the intention of distributing a Glad tub to all relatives.  I didn’t really pay attention to the prices I was so overwhelmed at finding all my ingredients so close to home.  But when I checked out I’d only spent $7.50!!  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve spent twice that much many times at other places. 

A second trip to The Farmers Table netted some awesome zuchini and Tupelo honey.  There was a table set up (it was “Sample Saturday”) with some sauces and crackers to try.  I didn’t get past the Georgia Peach Chipotle so I can’t tell you what else was there.  It was heaven on a cracker.  I washed that down with Blackberry Cider, which was like drinking a flower. 

I was equally delighted to see a collection of bags and even jewelry.  What else could The Real Housewife ask for?  Fabulous.  You must go. 

OK, so here is the recipe for my salsa, aka pico de gallo.  I don’t measure anything, but I’ll do my best.  This is best eaten fresh, but after one day in the fridge.  It will keep about a week in the fridge, but day 2 seems to be the best day for all the flavors to mesh effectively, but not too much.


Quarter about 3 lbs of Roma tomatoes

2 Vidalia Onions

2 cored jalapenos ( sometimes put 2 per batch for me,  or none for my hubby who doesn’t like spicy)

1 bunch of cilantro

1 lime

1 (or 2 if they are small)tomatillo

Red wine vinegar

Pinch of kosher salt


I put the above in batches in a food processor, just a few pulses till everything is kind of chunky.  Oh, not the lime, squeeze the lime into the other ingredients and splash some red wine vinegar in there.  Do not even think about that bottled lime juice.  I tried and no comparison.  If you can, let it sit a day or get a bag of those scoop chips and eat the whole thing right out of the food processor bowl right then and there.


Since it is somewhat difficult to pair a wine with this dish, I will approve a Sangria.  You can also get these ingredients, minus the wine and soda, at The Farmer’s Table.  Here you go:


A nice Merlot (Any red will do, but I like the extra sweetness and blackberry undertones of Merlot, preferably white Merlot, which isn’t really white, but I digress again. And don't skimp even if you are mixing it with other stuff.  Always buy good wine.)

Slices of various citrus fruits (lemons, limes, orange)


Any other kind of berries that Farmer’s Table has


1-two liter bottle of gingerale

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher with a lot of ice and enjoy with your salsa and chips.


Next time:  Fried Okra with Green Tomatoes, Purple Hull Peas and Cornbread

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Myra Crawford August 24, 2011 at 11:45 AM
Sorry, Murray, you won't find meat at The Farmer's Table. But you will sure get all your sides there. My husband has to have meat too, so I still make my Kroger/Publix run in addition to The Farmer's Table.
Trish September 04, 2011 at 04:58 PM
thank you for the tip, love fresh veggies and look forward to trying your recipe!
Jessica Demers September 05, 2011 at 05:21 PM
Why didn't I know about this before?? I can't wait to check it out! Thanks!
Myra Coker Crawford September 09, 2011 at 01:24 PM
Let me know how it turned out, Trish! Love this store. Headed there today!
Myra Coker Crawford September 09, 2011 at 01:27 PM
Jessica, I just stumbled upon it myself. That's why I wanted to let everyone know about it. The BEST prices on fresh produce. Lots to choose from too. Try some of the sauces and jams. My daughter got a jar of strawberry that is to DIE for. The Georgia Peach Chipotle is my fave. Perfect blend of hot and sweet. Post back and tell us how you made out!


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