Fulton Tax Comm In The News Again

The highest paid elected official in Georgia may finally get reined in if the legislature gets its rear end in gear at last.The Atlanta Journal Constitution is again reporting on the ethically challenged Arthur Ferdinand at:  http://isarthurferdinandacrook.blogspot.com/

The AJC has for years taken Ferdinand to the wood shed for his love of taxpayers money and for his particularly cozy relationship with the Vesta firm, a major beneficiary of Ferdinands policy of selling tax liens.Ferdinand has routinely liened any Cox Empire properties (AJC is the Flagship Cox newspaper) that had even $1 due for a tax bill and the AJC takes him on every few months for his greed.

Now it appears that the legislature might actually 'do something' about Ferdinand, the only Georgia Tax Commissioner mis-using his office for his own benefit.  

As for the AJC's own consumer unfriendly policy of dumping garbage on private property you can see:  http://atlantajournal-constitution.blogspot.com/


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