It ain't just Reed and Deal

Far be it from me to defend Deal or Reed.  They blew it...BADLY.  But while we're out throwing stones, let us not forget all the people who have been telling us for years how bad the central leadership in Atlanta/Fulton/Dekalb County is and how much better small cities could do the job.  Well how many calls from Rusty Paul (Sandy Springs), Jere Wood (Roswell), Mike Bodker (Johns Creek), Joe Lockwood (Milton), David Belle Isle (Alpharetta), Tom Reed (Chattahoochee Hills) or Mike Davis (Dunwoody), to close the schools early and get the kids home did we see?  How many trucks did you see from Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Milton out there "pre-treating" Holcomb Bridge,  and Alpharetta Highway?Where were some of the worst jams?  I285/Ga400 - Sandy Springs/Roswell/Alpharetta/Dunwoody?  

None of them mind parking police cars out there and collecting money for traffic tickets, but where were all these politicians when it hit the fan?

Nowhere to be found.  You didn't hear a word from them on the news.  But you can bet your last dollar that they'll be the first to start bashing the leadership in Atlanta/Fulton/Dekalb County.

You won your offices by telling us you could do it better gentlemen.  Judging from last Tuesday, the only thing you did better was hunker down and stay out of sight.


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