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Linda Schultz, the current school board president, is seeking reelection to the Fulton County School Board on July 31. We are fortunate to have this dedicated, talented, and experienced educational leader.

For over 18 years, she has worked on behalf of children and their education. She diligently serves all of the schools, staff, students, retirees, families, and taxpayers. She works in collaboration with these communities 24/7/365.

I have known Linda for many years. She is a proven trailblazer in many important educational arenas, focusing on sound budgeting practices, transparency, and innovative student achievement initiatives. Linda, also, is committed to using your tax dollars efficiently and effectively.

Fulton County Schools has the lowest millage rate among the metro school systems. Their most recent budget maintained the current school calendar and class size. Fulton County Schools millage did not increase. On July 31, I will vote for our proven leader, Linda Schultz.

Carolyn Mattingly


Julie Mizer July 21, 2012 at 02:38 PM
I totally agree with Carolyn.If only we had leaders like Linda in Washington I truly believe we would not be in the mess we are in now! We are so lucky to have a local leader with vision, fiscal responsibility and tenacious resolve like Linda . She works tirelessly to resolve issues and makes herself available area residents consistently. Linda has my vote for sure! Julie mizer
RoswellParent July 21, 2012 at 02:49 PM
I agree. Linda understands the intracacies and complexities of managing a large school system. Linda is fair, balanced, thorough and methodical in her decision making. She is a partner with all stakeholders and always thinks of all of our children.
Matt M July 21, 2012 at 02:58 PM
Carolyn is leaving out many details. She is only giving opinions and is not using any facts to support her reasoning. On Linda's website, it says she supports school choice and also mentions that if a student wanted to transfer schools, they would be able to make that happen. However, school choice is a state law, SHE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO FOLLOW THIS LAW. Also, you can only transfer to a school that has enough capacity. There are only 2 out of 20+ middle schools in Fulton County that are able to accept transfers and both of those are in East Point. I hope you decide to vote for Rob Goodman because he is truthful, trustworthy, and incredibly passionate about the students of Fulton County.
Sally Kadrich July 21, 2012 at 04:14 PM
Sally I am in total agreement with Carolyn. As a parent that has experienced elementary, middle, and high school age children in this district I am so very impressed with Linda's willingness to share information, listen to our voices, and very importantly take our oppinions back to the entire school board. She listened when a new Language Arts book was recently proprosed for adoption and we said no that is not an effective use of Fulton County Schools' money. With the changes in today's technology we should be looking at ebooks and other resources for our students. The new Language Arts books were not adopted! Thank you LInda for listening to us and sharing our oppinion with your fellow board members. This is just one example of why I am going to vote for Linda Schultz.
Matt M July 21, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Sally, Language arts texts books? Really? You are saying that TEXT BOOKS are not an effective use of our tax money? Thats incredible, so we can pay even more money on ipads and ebooks! Pat on the back to you.
Nan Cooper July 21, 2012 at 04:46 PM
I am also voting for Linda Schultz. Her depth and breadth of experience is beyond compare. The number of issues that school board members must knowledgeably act on is mind boggling -- and the number of opinions from constituents on every issue is just as broad. As I have been involved with the school board over the past 5 years (as a parent, education advocate, and newspaper reporter), I have had many opportunities to observe her at work. While I have not always agreed (and not always written in favor of school board actions), I have respected her dedication and commitment. She has been passionately involved as a leader in our schools for almost 20 years. She's certainly got my vote!
Maggie DeCan July 21, 2012 at 05:27 PM
As a parent who has been to many community meetings, interacted with Linda when need arose, attended school board meetings and be involved in various school leadership roles, I totally agree that Linda is not only the right choice for the school board, but the only choice. To lose her leadership, experience, financial focus and respect among her peers would not only be a loss to me personally as a parent in FCSS and voter, but a loss to the entire North Fulton educational priorities. There is no replacing her experience, acumen and political equity. Certainly to replace her with a new member without the relationships, legislative wisdom and desire for win/win solutions wouldo be a trade-down for sure. I hope that others will not only agree with me, but be sure to get out and vote on July 31st.
LD July 21, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Matt M - it is obvious that you were not at the community meetings when the adoption of the new language arts texts was being discussed. If you had been present, you would have heard about the state moving to a new curriculum, the county becoming a charter system, and the lack of electronic resources with these textbooks. This would have been a $20 MILLION expenditure; the decision to postpone adoption in light of the changes at both the state and local levels shows forethought for wisely spending $20 million. And to your comment about iPads and eBooks: most basic e-readers cost significantly LESS than ONE high school or middle school textbook. Personally, I would prefer to have electronic texts that can be updated on a frequent basis over an old-fashioned paper book that has the potential to be outdated within months of its release. EBooks, iPads, the internet - these are our children's future and learning how to utilize these devices to their full potential will make our students better prepared to compete in the global market. So, yes, in this specific case, textbooks were "...not an effective use of our tax money." Kudos to Ms. Schultz and the entire Board for waiting to ensure $20 million of taxpayer money is effectively spent!
LD July 22, 2012 at 12:05 AM
I cannot think of a better person serve the next four years on the Fulton County School Board than Linda Schultz. With the number of changes occurring in at both the local and state levels, I want someone with experience on the Board. We need someone who has been involved, understands current educational legislation, and, thus, can immediately lead Fulton County Schools toward continually higher goals - without having to stop to learn the history. Long-term involvement and understanding also translates into wise budgeting. A few years ago, the Fulton School Board recognized the future monetary challenges the economic downturn would present. Linda Schulz and the rest of the Board made some difficult decisions. However, the hard decisions then have allowed Fulton County for the 2012-2013 school year to have the LOWEST local school millage rate, NOT increase class sizes, and NOT lay-off or furlough teachers. A school board that knows how to maintain high quality schools with a conservative, balanced budget is attractive to businesses. Linda Schultz’s experience will continue to benefit not only all Fulton County students, but also all Fulton County citizens!
Katha Stuart July 22, 2012 at 01:35 AM
Indeed, Linda's integrity, honesty, transparency, and depth of knowledge regarding FCSS issues are unparalleled. Having been heavily involved with the local schools for the past nine years, I can point to many, many instances when Linda considered the opinions of her constituents and acted accordingly. The textbook situation mentioned above is only one recent example. The fact that FCSS is in so much better financial shape than many other surrounding systems is a testament to her and other board members' foresight and leadership, and I am confident that the difficult decisions they have made have served our children well. I am proud to support her campaign, and even prouder to have my children attend schools operating under her leadership. I encourage all interested parties - parents, taxpayers, etc. - to avail themselves of the opportunities to get to know our BOE members by attending community meetings, reading updates, etc. While I'll admit that these aren't always the most riveting of entertainment possibilities (sorry, BOE members!), our children deserve nothing less than a group of concerned citizens that has a broad basis of understanding regarding the decisions being made. It is our privilege and our responsibility.
Roswell Parent July 22, 2012 at 07:54 PM
I agree Matt. I will get out and vote July 31st. But not for Linda. I respect her dedication and pleasant demeanor. But have you seen the statistics for Fulton County Schools lately? Based on CRCT scores: Fulton County Schools dropped 10 spots to rank 54th in the state, well behind our neighbors (Forsyth ranked 2nd, Gwinnett 16th, Cherokee 21st, Cobb 31st). Based on the Schooldigger Report ranking GA Middle Schools: Crabapple ranks 60th (down 16 spots), Elkins ranks 131st (down 52 spots), and Northwestern ranks 26th (down 10 spots). But wait, there is Fulton Science Academy that ranked 2nd !!!! Oh. Sorry. That’s the charter school that Linda just shut down. The claim was mismanagement but a subsequent audit report cleared every single accusation made by Dr. Avossa and called his integrity into question. Based on Newsweek’s ranking of public high schools: Roswell High School didn’t even make the top 1000. But 2 Oconee high schools did. And RHS is in Linda’s back yard. We’ve got to stop drinking our own Koolaid and critically look at how we're doing compared to other schools across the nation, and the globe. With the amount of taxes we pay, we deserve better than this! Our children, who need to compete in a global economy, deserve better than this. I will be voting for Rob Goodman for his support of change and school choice.


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