Oops, I Dropped the Turkey and Other Thanksgiving Day Mishaps

Community members tell us about their favorite Thanksgiving Day blunders–and these pilgrims are all thankful for their memories!

Despite a solid command of most things culinary, I've definitely had my fair share of mistakes in the kitchen, especially on Thanksgiving Day, when my stunts seem to take on a whole new meaning for the word "disaster."

I have made a Thanksgiving fool of myself on more than one occasion, and my family has come to expect it. "What will it be this year?" they ask in a joking tone, but I can detect a scant hint of true concern in the question. They are secretly wondering if we are all going to end up at a Chinese food restaurant because I forgot to defrost the turkey.

Well, I'm not alone. There are plenty of you out there with the same reputation, yet surprisingly, everyone one of us will pull off a splendid and bountiful Thanksgiving spread on the dining room table–and what's said at the table usually stays at the table with the exception of our readers below who, were gracious enough to share their favorite blunders.

"A couple years ago, Thanksgiving Day, my daughter put the mashed potatoes in a large bowl with a spoon, and put it in the oven to stay warm until serving time. The serving spoon was metal with a plastic handle, which melted at a perfect 90 degree angle right down the side of the bowl. Let's just say it was very Art Deco." – Pam P.    

"When our son Jordan was about 8-years-old, my dad did the Thanksgiving prayer. He went on thanking the Lord for many blessings and in the middle of the prayer, Jordan, the quiet but hungry kid, blurted out, "Amen!" and stopped the prayer right away. We still laugh about it a lot." – Jan Z.

"On our way to grandma's house on Thanksgiving Day a couple years ago, we were bringing the entire feast to her in the back of our SUV. We only made two short stops on the way, but when we finally made it to grandma's house, we realized our dog Socks, had climbed into the back and eaten all the sweet potato souffle! Needless to say he had an upset stomach and all the delights that go along with it!" – Stacy R.

"When I was young, my grandfather would sing me the "Turkey Song," and it went like this... 'Next Thanksgiving, Next Thanksgiving, Don't eat bread, Don't eat bread, Shove it up the turkey, Shove it up the turkey, eat that bird, eat that bird!!' My grandma would get so mad and I would laugh and laugh. It makes me so very thankful for wonderful memories!! And, I sing the same song every year several times!!" – Wendy M.

"Key lime pie is a tradition at our Thanksgiving Day table. One year, I was in a huge hurry to get the pies made and take them to my parent's house for the big feast. After we ate the turkey, everyone was ready for my famous key-lime pies. As my dad cut into them, the crust was squishy and doughy. At that moment, we all realized I'd forgotten to bake the pie shells! My brother was first in line to start the jokes. He kept calling them "Easy-Bake" pies. - Anonymous

And there you have it from a few of Georgia's finest kitchens. Mistakes and social faux pas are what make the Thanksgiving Days we remember most. So come what may from your kitchen or out of the mouths of babes, enjoy your holiday and since we're on the subject, don't forget to defrost the turkey ahead of time.


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