Romney Rising in the Polls, But will the Vice Presidential Debate Change Things?

Polls show momentum is now with Gov. Mitt Romney, but will they swing back in the president's favor in time for the election?

Just three weeks ago, Gov. Mitt Romney was trailing in the polls and President Barack Obama looked all but set for a second term – or so many of the political pundits thought. On Sept. 20, The New York Times reported that Romney “faced a daunting task,” if he hoped to win the presidency. 

But then came the first debate and things look a little different now.

After new polls released on Oct. 9, Romney had pulled ahead in the RealClearPolitics average at 47.6 to 46.1 and Politico was the only one of the traditional polls that gave Obama a lead at 48 to 49. Gallup had them tied at 48 each, but the Fox News Poll had Romney ahead at 46 to 45. Rasmussen also had Romney ahead at 48 to 47 and Pew Research had the strongest lead for Romney at 49 to 45. USAToday reported that the change is an indication that the race is going to be close right up until the very end.

The vice presidential candidates will debate the issues tonight at 9 p.m. (EST). Currently, USA Today has a list of five things to watch for during tonight's debate.

Democrat and Republican debate viewing parties are scheduled for the Roswell area tonight, Oct. 11.

Do you think this is merely just a bounce as a result of Romney’s strong debate performance or do you think is this a permanent change in the direction of the race?


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