Roswell's Overall Character 'Positive,' But Needs Work

We asked, you answered. Here is a snapshot of your responses to our recent "character" survey.

Pride of place is something most desire in the place they live. It's also at the core of why Roswell Patch recently asked: ?

In an effort to focus on the positive aspects of Roswell and alter course regarding the negative, local leaders have looked for input in a variety of different ways over recent years. Roswell Patch put our own questions out to you several weeks ago - tell us the good, the bad and the ugly, we said.

And you did.

We offered you nearly 90 descriptive words you could use in listing how you feel about the city; how you would describe Roswell to someone who doesn't live or work here. Taking it a step further we then asked if there were other words, thoughts or feelings you wanted to add. 

And there were.

Despite being a holiday period, we received nearly 90 responses - 86, to be exact. Here is a snapshot of what you had to say:

Top ten positive attributes checked by respondents:

  1. Friendly - 31
  2. Well managed - 28
  3. Positive - 27
  4. Clean - 24
  5. Responsible - 23
  6. Growing - 21
  7. Hip - 17
  8. Optimistic - 17
  9. Productive - 16
  10. Smart - 16

Top ten negative attributes checked by respondents:

  1. Conflicted - 17
  2. Reactive - 16
  3. Rigid - 16
  4. Limited - 16
  5. Closed - 15
  6. Old fashioned - 15
  7. Underachieving - 12
  8. Poorly led - 11
  9. Myopic - 11
  10. Peaked - 10

How else did you describe Roswell?

  • Progressive
  • Not child-friendly
  • Wonderful place for families
  • Great shopping and local flavor that entertains and sustains
  • Deaf administration
  • Residential oasis
  • Eclectic
  • Declining
  • Land-locked
  • Unmodern

Regardless of whether your responses appeared above, all survey responses were recorded and shared with city leaders, in their entirety. Check back soon for another similar questionnaire.

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