Should Obese Children Be Put On Display As A Lesson To All Parents?

We want to know what you think about using these public displays to attempt to stop obesity in children?

Recent TV commercials that have shown obese and overweight children flash statistics that tell parents that children are being diagnosed with hypertension as young as first and second grade.

Georgia is facing a crisis with as much as 40 percent of children being overweight, but how should the epidemic be handled? These children and families are being displayed for everyone to see during prime time television veiwing hours and even show a child asking his mother, "Mom, why am I fat?", which she cannot answer. This has caused a stir in many Georgia homes. 

Some feel that these commercials can be damaging to self esteem and cause overweight children to feel worse about their bodies and therefore further not take care of them. 

Some feel that we need to stop sugarcoating the problem and stop childhood obesity with facing the facts head on. Showing obese children on tv will serve as a lesson top other parents to keep their kids healthy. 

What do you think?

Do you think these commercials should be pulled? What do you think should be done about childhood obesity?

Do you have a child who is overweight? How do these commercials make you and your children feel?

How do you keep your child from becoming overweight?


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