The Great Escape: Girls Night Out

This week we go back to the well and pull out a good old fashioned GNO (Girls Night Out) to resuscitate every mom and bring her back to the land of the living!

Escaping from reality can be relaxing and refreshing while still being rooted in a realistic budget and time frame - trust me, I know! Getting out of the house without a child (or ball and chain) attached to the leg is tough enough, why drive yourself crazy trying to plan an expensive weekend at a winery or a day at the spa?

All you need is a babysitter and a smile to rejuvenate your inner mommy and help yourself on the way to a new perspective and fresh attitude to face down what promises to be an active spring.

The typical "Girls Night Out" offers all of the benefits of a weekend at Chateau Elan without the cost. Okay, maybe it doesn't produce a smooth face and a two-hour massage, but it will do a body good to get out with the girlfriends for a kid-free dinner, maybe a cocktail or two, and definitely lots of laughter.

I like to begin my night with a pedicure... not a necessity, but it's something I normally don't have time for during the daylight hours. located in Midway Family Festival is open to at least 8:00, and owner Jessica is extremely reasonable with her price, as well as generous with her attention to detail. She will accept late appointments if you plan ahead, which is essential for this mom's sanity!

Next, a short drive to on Bethelview Road or  in satisfies every woman's desire for delicious, fresh food and an atmosphere that welcomes lots of laughter.  Section 5 usually has live music during the spring and summer seasons, so it's just a quick walk upstairs to find cozy seating, a full bar, great music and people of all ages (over 21, of course.) Both venues offer drink and dinner specials for the ladies, for everything from a margarita to fajitas for six! A cab may sometimes be provided to ensure a safe drive home, so inquire when you arrive to see if there will be one available.

When the night is over, the best part is still to come... the elusive morning "sleep in."  Staying in bed until 9 a.m. is my favorite way to escape, and with a willing husband, it makes for a relaxing day ahead - and a perfect ending to another great escape.


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