What To Do: Back To School

Tips on finding good deals and maintaining sanity with back to school crowds.

I never dreaded anything as much as I did the beginning of August. I knew it meant going back to school and having homework come between me and everything else I preferred to do. When I see the stampede of parents dragging kids through stores and pushing a shopping cart full of supplies, I know it’s back to school time again.

Between finding deals and comforting children who aren't excited about the end of summer break, it can get a little hectic. So here are some tips to save some money and get a little more pep in your step.

                Shop Around. My sister-in-law introduced me to drugstore sales, and my mind was blown. I learned more from one visit to Walgreen’s than I did in any one class during high school. Believe it or not, but titans and might not always have the best sale going. , and are dark horses in the school supplies running, but they can dish out deals like nobody’s business! My sister went last week and got an insane amount of supplies for $3.50. We’re talking paper, pens, pencils, markers, folders, glue and even a book bag. Even The School Place of Roswell has some good deals and the  is selling cute book bags for only $2. Since there’s no tax-free weekend this year, it's best to save money where ever you can.

                Master the calendar universe. If you have an active child, better get his/her busy schedule on the calendar or else things will start to pile up – from teacher’s conferences to football games to fundraisers. To avoid the chaos, buy one of those erasable calendars and put those low cost markers to good use. Give every family member a color to identify their events. My mom did something like this for years because my brother played literally every sport and it really made a difference not only in organization, but also in preparation. Plus, as a bonus (and I loved this), add a countdown until the next school break. That will be sure to turn any frown upside-down.


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