What To Do: Finding The Perfect Summer Sandal

Tips on getting that spring in your step.

It could be said that women and shoes go together like Georgia heat and sweat - you can’t have one without the other.

Once summer rolls around, we’re eyeing store windows looking for the perfect summer sandal to go with that new sundress we just bought. And with so many cute styles to choose from, picking the right sandal seems like a no-brainer. While it’s true that shoes are a little easier to find than a perfectly fitting dress, it doesn’t mean that every sandal is made equal - or that every woman looks good in every shoe she likes.

                Head over heels. When looking for a strappy heel, think about where you’ll wear it and what you have to go with it. Sure, a hot pink heel with navy blue stripes down the side might be eye-catching and fashion-forward in some galaxy far, far away, but does it actually go with anything in your closet? Buying a sandal based on theory means keeping the receipt where you can find it. Don’t fall in love with a shoe just because it’s pretty in a window.

                Painfully obvious. There are some sandals I can just look at and know after a few minutes of walking around in them, I’ll be looking for a spare set of flip flops to change into. Are you willing to suffer for a few minutes of fashion? You need a cute, versatile shoe that will like your feet. Don’t buy a strappy 3-inch heel that will eventually be the reason everyone knows what color underwear you decided to wear today. Trust me on this one.

                Uncover hidden gems. If buying gently used, second hand shoes doesn’t weird you out, I strongly recommend Goodwill, thrift shops and consignment stores. All of the shoes in my closet are from , Rugged Wearhouse or Ross. Sometimes you can catch good deals at or even department stores, but always check the others first. You’ll pay half the typical store cost—if that. A lot of times, people will wear a pair of shoes once because they got them on sale and never wore them. Wedges, sandals with a short heel and traditional flip flops will get you through the summer heat with comfort, ease and style.

Finding a perfect summer sandal is all about looking at what best fits your lifestyle, wardrobe and personality. Always remember that the shoe really does make the outfit.

Now get out there and make me proud, ladies! I better not see those hot pink shoes with blue racing stripes walk past me...

Brenda June 03, 2011 at 01:49 PM
I love shoes my favorite thing to buy!! My husband says I have to many, that because he doesn't understand that's just my thing. I try not to look at them unless there on sale, but its hard. I can't wait for the summer ones to go on sale. Ill be right there looking and buying!! Thanks for writitng about my favorite thing to wear!! Love IT!!
Deena C. Spell June 03, 2011 at 04:01 PM
You're welcome! You're not alone on that, either.


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