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What To Do For Fun When You're Broke

Tips on squeezing a penny until it bleeds.

No matter what age we are, most of us have spent a little time in the poor house. Most people survive college on bread crumbs and ramen noodles; and for the unlucky ones who weren’t able to get a job straight out of college (like me), the famine continues.

But that doesn’t mean we have to spend day in and day out bemoaning our sickly bank account. Here are some tips on banking something that can be as free as a smile: fun!

                Volunteer. My cousin works a full time job and still volunteers at a local hospital. If you’re having a tough time finding a paying gig, consider giving back to the community. You’re not getting paid for your time anyway, so why not spread some good karma and hey – even make some contacts? Volunteering with places like hospitals, the Boys and Girls Club and local community events opens a lot of doors. Plus, instead of leaving previous work experience blank when you finally get that job interview, you can put that you weren’t as selfish with your time as your unemployed competition was. Or, something like that.

                Karaoke. One of the best things about karaoke (other than the fact that the expectations are lowered), is that you don’t have to buy the bar a round to have a little fun. Most restaurants in town have regular karaoke nights – and many with cash prizes! If you’re a little low on lettuce, it’s the best way to have tons of fun for very little money – if any at all. If management starts giving you the stink eye, then just buy a drink or split an appetizer so you’re a paying customer. You could also play pool for only a dollar at places like . Talk about cheap entertainment!


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