Cat Shot, Paralyzed; Attempted Shoe Stealing at Gunpoint

The following information was provided by the Roswell Police Department and does not indicate a conviction.

Cat Suffers Paralysis from Shooting

When his cat came home dragging its right hind leg up the stairs limply behind it, a Roswell resident rushed his kitten to a local animal hospital - where vets told him the cat had been shot.

The attending veterinarian told Roswell Police that some kind of projectile from a BB or pellet gun was still lodged in the cat's body. Nerve damage had caused the back right leg to go limp with paralysis.

The local man said he often saw a neighbor in his apartment complex on the balcony with a rifle of some kind, which was confirmed by a second neighbor, according to the police report.

Police are still investigating the case and the cat's owner has said he will prosecute whomever is alledged to have shot the animal.

Facebook Meet Up Gone Wrong

A Facebook-arranged meeting at the playground of a local apartment complex went scarily wrong when a pair of men attempted to rob the sellers of some tennis shoes at gunpoint.

Roswell Police were told that as the sellers negotiated with one of the men on the passengers side of their car, another man tapped on the driver's side window with a gun and said: "Give it up." The sellers sped away and contacted police, who searched for the since removed Facebook account of the buyers to no avail. They did determine the owner of the cell phone number used to arrange the transaction, but the sellers were unable to positively identify the man in a photo.


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