Ex-Boyfriend Threatens to Kill Former Girlfriend's Boss

The following information was supplied by the Roswell Police Department. It does not indicate guilt or a conviction.

Last Sunday, Nov. 11, was a less than ordinary work day for a Vin 25 bartender whose ex-boyfriend showed up and harassed her, then threatened to kill her manager while wielding a knife.

According to the Roswell Police Department report, Eric Greene, 30, allegedly came in around 9 p.m. and started harassing his ex-girlfriend, who is an employee at Vin 25. After being asked to leave by the manager several times, Greene, who was said to smell strongly of alcohol, allegedly grabbed the restaurant manager and hit him in the head. According to the report, the manager defended himself by punching Greene in the face and having another employee help him escort Greene outside and lock the front door.

After a few moments, Greene began banging on the front door and windows. Fearing he might break a window, the manager and another employee let themselves outside to try and convince Greene to leave. It was at that point Greene produced a three-inch knife and told the manager he was "going to kill him."

As Greene moved toward them, both the manager and employee went back inside.

Police found the weapon on Greene and arrested him, taking him to the hospital for treatment of his black eye and intoxicated state. A background check of Greene by police revealed it wasn't his first arrest for harassing his ex-girlfriend. He was also arrested in August 2011.

Robert Ostrow November 17, 2012 at 12:10 PM
We need to get a nandle on crimes involving domestic violence.


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