Firearms, Ammunition Stash Found in Deputy Involved Shooting in Valrico

Charges have been filed in the post-midnight assault on deputies at Silver Pond Lane in Valrico. Allen Harmeyer, 45, reportedly fired a full 30-round magazine from his AK-47 assault rifle at the two deputies answering a domestic violence call.


Charges against a Valrico man who fired on deputies in a post-midnight shoot-out have been filed, according to a report from the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

Allen Harmeyer, 45, of 4110 Silve Pond Lane, reportedly faces:

  • One count of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer with a discharge of a firearm,
  • Five counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and
  • One count of domestic violence battery.

Detectives discovered that Harmeyer had fired a full 30-round magazine of 7.62-by-.39 caliber rounds at the two deputies who responded to the scene, Dec. 14, after Harmeyer's girlfriend, Krystal K. Register, 34, called to report Harmeyer had hit her and forced her from their home after an argument.

  • See Report: Valrico Man Fires Rifle at Deputies Answering Domestic Call

"This is the standard military ammo used in most AK-47 style weapon systems," according to the report about charges. "In addition to the firearm used in this shooting, approximately 1,000 rounds of ammo and several other firearms have been seized."


Rick Liebespach December 15, 2012 at 07:10 PM
Sometimes I find it frustrating the way some articles are worded. Becoming proficient at something requires practice. Becoming proficient at shooting requires going to the range and shooting. It is not uncommon for a trip to the range to consume 200-400 rounds of ammunition... so when a person who owns a firearm reads about someone having 1000 rounds we think of it as 4-5 trips to the range for practice.
Contact: Brandon@Patch.com December 16, 2012 at 09:08 PM
What is frustrating for you? That it's not a lot of ammunition to have in one's home, in your view? The concern comes from the Sheriff's office, in the aftermath of shots fired at deputies. They described the ammunition as a "stash," allegedly used by the gunman to shoot at deputies answering a call of domestic violence. Perhaps we should have used quotation marks to make the source of that description clear.


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