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Brian Hansford Wins Roswell Municipal Court Judge …

Plea Reached Over Mexican Vice Consular DUI in Roswell

Mariano Saynez-Ruiz-Duran will serve 24-hours in the Roswell Detention Center and 40 hours of community service within the agreement.

The city of Roswell has entered into a plea agreement with .

On Aug. 13, Saynez-Ruiz-Duran and his attorney appeared before the City of Roswell Municipal Court and pled guilty to DUI, Less Safe and Speeding. Under the terms of the plea agreement, he was sentenced to serve 24 hours in the Roswell Detention Center as required by Georgia law and 11 months, 29-days probation. He was also assessed a $500 fine and must perform 40 hours community service within the next six months. In addition, he must attend a risk reduction program, not drink any alcohol or take any drugs without a prescription and submit to random alcohol and drug testing while on probation.

Under Federal law, foreign consular officers, such as the defendant, have only limited immunity from state criminal laws when they are performing an official function. If they are arrested, they may not be held in jail pending trial if they are arrested for a misdemeanor offense. They are required to appear and answer the charges in court and, if convicted, can be sentenced to jail.


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