Prostitute Evicted from Local Hotel Room

The following information was provided by the Roswell Police Department and does not indicate a conviction.

A local hotel called after watching a number of different men enter and quickly leave the same room - within a short period of time.

Hotel staff told police that during the evening of Tuesday, June 5, men had been entering the lobby "looking lost" and after a chat on their cell phones, made a beeline for the same room. When officers went to check the room they found a woman alone. She invited them in to "look around" and police found several used condoms in the trash can.

At that point, the Roswell woman quickly confessed to being a prostitute - spilling her story of having to care for five children and how an acquaintance introduced her to a man who lured her with the promise of "a way to make some quick money."

After each "appointment" that was made for her, the man's wife would call to check on her and he would come up to the room to retrieve the money, promising to split it 60/40 later. The woman showed police $40 in cash from her most recent client, which had not yet been collected by the couple "pimping" her out, according to to the police report.

Upon booking her into the Roswell Detention Center for prostitution, police also learned of an outstanding warrant for probation violation through Fulton County for the woman. The hotel issued a criminal tresspass warning to prevent her from returning.

Ralph June 21, 2012 at 07:44 PM
Did I miss something or did the Patch forget to identify the name of the "local hotel." Perhaps they advertise in the Patch. Slightly WORTHLESS article!
anna m cotto August 09, 2012 at 04:54 AM
Dam the woman had five children to support what did the police do to the man who taught her how to make fast money what happen to him nothing a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body and I feel they should leagalize. Prositition.times are hard she had to suport her children and as far as the hotel goes they had no problem renting her the room with the money she was making.they should have went to jail to.


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