Roswell Patch Readers Pinpoint Speeding Problem Areas

Here are the streets you've listed as some of the worst for speeding in Roswell and what the Roswell Police Department has to say about it.

When we asked you about the , Riverside Road, Crossville Road and Houze Road all landed among the worst.

Via comments on the site and the Roswell Patch Facebook page, readers shared their thoughts on the subject.

Of Riverside Road, Scott Long wrote on Roswell Patch:

"A very long run with no traffic calming for nearly two miles straight equals danger (and a few single-vehicle very-high-speed fatalities in recent years). Of course, Riverside Road wasn't designed by city traffic engineers. It was a trail that turned into a dirt road that was eventually paved, long before it was part of any city. Very heavy bicycle traffic (which is really great BTW) means you can't narrow the lanes. It needs some type of calming construct, not bumps or stop signs. Perhaps a sprinking of several mini-roundabouts (there is probably an official term for this) along Riverside Road that causes cars to slow down to navigate the small change in direction. Gunnin Road off Spalding Drive in Peachtree Corners has something like this."

krasiva wrote:

"Mansell and East Crossville. More accidents happen here than you can imagine. Almost lost my life in an accident at this location and know others who have experienced accidents and now suffer long term disability. Now thanks to a new RaceTrac gas station and Aldi's more traffic accidents are inevitable in an already over congested area.

City of Roswell knows this is a dangerous intersection but ignores the pleas of local residents."

Some readers responded with several other specific areas, including Brookfield Country Club and Highway 9. They also shared harrowing tales of near misses.

Jane Sharpie commented on Roswell Patch:

"School Zones! We live near Elkins Road and Hembree and have to cross the street to get to school in the morning (as pedestrians, a mom, 2 kids, and a dog) and people drive through here so fast while talking on cell phones to boot. I want to pull over and high five the Roswell PD whenever they are out pulling people over to thank them for trying to keep our children safe!"

Sarah Baker wrote on Facebook:

"Houze--I can feel the anger everyone directs at me when I actually try to stay near the speed limit."

To rectify the speeding problems of certain areas, local resident Michael Hadden suggested narrower streets. He said:

"Pretty much any street that has lanes that are 11 feet or wider where the speed limit is 40 or under is going to have speeders. What do we need to do in order to curb speeding? Take the lane widths down and make it less comfortable to speed. Raised crosswalks and speed humps are a sign that your city's traffic engineers failed and designed a road where the design speed is faster than the posted speed. One reason why it is almost always very comfortable to do 10 mph over whatever the posted speed limit is. Another great benefit of narrower roads aside from their inherent safety is that they are cheaper to build and maintain."

Roswell Police Department Spokeswoman Lisa Holland said most of the streets called out for their lead-footed drivers are already listed on the department's "complaint areas." To file a complaint on any given street, local residents can call the at 770-640-4100, said Holland. 

Jenny Huckleberry Burge August 30, 2012 at 11:38 AM
To Add to what Jane said...I have always wondered if another set of flashing school lights could be hung at the intersection of Hembree and Elkins Road. People seem to forget that they are still in a school zone once they cross through that intersection. It infuriates me when people think their timing and phone calls are more important than the lives of our children! As far as Houze Road goes, I live on Houze Road and live the speeding everyday! It makes my blood boil to see someone coming down or up Houze, doing the speed limit and some jerk riding right on their tail, as if they are going to intimidate them into going faster. I don't even pull out of my driveway if a car is actually in sight for the direction I need to go. Most people are going way too fast for me to do it safely, and I'm not taking any chances with my family.
Leona P. August 30, 2012 at 01:21 PM
Coleman Road, between the 120 and Magnolia: few drivers obey the 35 mph speed limit and go racing along at speeds over 50 mph. There is, on occassion, a police officer with a radar gun near the intersection of Hwy 120 and Coleman Rd, and sometimes up by Loblolly, but I'd like to see one more towards Willeo Rd. also. Plus, the number of heavy trucks (dump trucks, logging trucks, and the like) whizzing down the street is downright scary!
Nikki Armstrong August 30, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Wavetree Rd is a thoroughfare from Crossville Rd to Woodstock Rd. It is absolutely rediculous how many cars fly through this neighborhood. The city put a your speed is machine at the base of the hill for a short while however so many cars still didn't even pay attention and went about their business in fact one woman didn't even let off the gas and it showed her driving 40 miles an hour down the hill. (Really!!!!) This neighborhood has changed over the last 7 years to where we have tons of little children now and we NEED speed humps on this street to control speeders. If someone from the City of Roswell is reading these posts please do something to help us out in our neighborhood before we have one of our children get serioulsy injured or worse!!!!! Thank you
Jessica Nelson August 30, 2012 at 07:32 PM
Please do something about Wavetree Drive. People use it as a cut through from Woodstock Road to Crossville, and vice versa. I have seen cars going 40+ MPH. There are many children now living and playing off of the road. It is completely unsafe and something needs to be done before a child is seriously hurt or killed. Please consider speed humps or another solution!!! Even speed detectors did not slow drivers down.


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