Women Arrested for Stealing Hundreds of Nail Polish Bottles

The following information was supplied by the Johns Creek Police Department.

Two women were arrested on Nov. 30 for shoplifting nail polish from the two Salon Centric stores on Alpharetta Highway and State Bridge Road.

An employee told police that she had received a call from the Salon Centric location in Roswell that two white females were shoplifting from their stores. The employee stated that two women then entered her store and one attempted to keep her busy while the other walked to the nail polish section.

The employee stated that while she was trying to keep an eye on the woman in the nail polish section, the other poured shampoo on one of the counters and told her to clean the spill. 

The employee called the manager, who entered the store and watched one of the women put numerous amounts of nail polish in her bag, while the other asked questions.

The woman with the nail polish left the store, got in a vehicle and attempted to drive away. Meanwhile, police had arrived on the scene and blocked the vehicle.

The officer detained the driver and went inside the store to detain the second suspect. The officer obtained a warrant for the vehicle after observing multiple bottles of nail polish in the back seat. More than 400 bottles of polish had been stolen, worth more than $300 was stolen in Johns Creek.

The suspect admitted to police that she had taken a large number of items from the Johns Creek store, and earlier in the day, the Roswell store.

The manager contacted the Roswell store to tell them Johns Creek Police had arrested the suspects, and also told them to call the Roswell Police Department.

The two women, a 52-year-old from Woodstock and a 43-year-old from Jasper, were charged with felony shoplifting counts. 


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